Become an Energy-Efficient Vacation Guest with 6 Effortless Tips

By Ebony Porter, February 5, 2016, Energy Efficiency, Events & Fun

Going on vacation stirs up this instinctual desire to indulge a little more than usual. This typically includes longer showers, not recycling properly, and lapping up the luxury that comes with staying in a room you don’t have to clean.

Now, we aren’t saying you can’t enjoy the perks of being on vacation, but just because you’re fancy-free and letting your hair down doesn’t mean you should throw your earth-conscious energy principles out the window!

Become an Energy-Efficient Vacation Guest with 6 Effortless Tips

I do this exact same thing every time I enter a hotel room for the first time.

So, whether you are staying at a five-star resort or renting a humble home deep in the heart of a mountain range, pack these 7 energy-efficiency tips into your suitcase, and take them on vacation!

1) Turn Out the Lights

When you leave your abode for the day, be sure and turn the lights off. Sure, you are paying a premium price for your hotel room, but it doesn’t mean you need to pull from the energy grid while you’re away. Stay conscious and flip the switch when you exit.

2) Reuse Your Towels

Become an Energy-Efficient Vacation Guest with 6 Effortless Tips

There’s no reason you can’t use these same 4 hand cloths for your entire vacation. You don’t need fresh ones every day.

Hotels have become more earth-friendly over the years by posting signs about reusing towels. Don’t leave your wet shower towels on the floor for the maid – just hang them up to dry. If you are staying at a hotel for 5 days for example, that’s five towels washed in hot water, and five towels spun in an electric dryer. It’s a lot of energy that doesn’t need to be spent. If you’re staying at a rental home, drape your towels outside for the day, and let the sunshine dry them for you. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh air in a clean towel!

3) Tend to the Thermostat

Adjusting the thermostat by a few degrees (up or down, depending on the season where you’re vacationing) really does use less electricity.

For example, if you’re heading for the beach for the day, there’s no sense in keeping your hotel room or house at 65° F. Turn it up 3-5 degrees higher than normal, and when you return, it will still be cool – without walking into what feels like a refrigerator.

 4) Open the Blinds

Become an Energy-Efficient Vacation Guest with 6 Effortless Tips

That’s right – open those windows and turn off those lamps in the daytime to save energy on vacation.

Don’t rely on lamps and overhead lighting to light up your rooms during the day. Open the curtains or blinds to let the natural light come in. If you’re staying in a beautiful locale, whether natural or a cityscape, you’ll want to soak up the scenery while inside, too!

5) Build a Fire

If your home away from home includes a fireplace, fire it up! Open fires generation massive amounts of heat, and did we mention they bring bucket loads of romance, too? The chances of you having an open fireplace at home are slim, so take advantage of these out-of-town features when you can.

Be mindful of what sort of wood you are burning before you decide to indulge in making s’mores for the night. Not all firewood is safe when it comes to toasting marshmallows for consumption. Also use safety measures when building any fire. 

6) Shorten Those Showers

If you’re vacationing in a desert, whether you’re staying at a hotel or a private home, you should realize that water shortage is a real problem. Keep your showers to a minimum. Not only will you conserve water, you’ll also use less gas to heat the water, too.

How do you stay earth conscious while on vacation? Share your tips for being an energy-efficient guest in the comments!

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