Help Your Partner or Spouse Fall in Love with Energy Efficiency

By Ebony Porter, February 12, 2016, Energy Efficiency

We get it – talking energy and energy usage is not the most romantic topic. But if you’re an earth-worshipping treehugger, and your partner is the sort who would rather eat the whales than save them, then you have a conundrum on your hands.

The principles of saving energy could be a deal breaker for some relationships, and discussions about Earth conservation can become as passionate as the sports franchises you support. For those of us who are conscious of the Earth’s precious resources, it makes our skin crawl to watch someone wash dishes, carrying on a casual conversation, while the faucet is running at its full capacity. But there is hope!

Help Your Partner or Spouse Fall in Love with Energy Efficiency

You’re better off using LED lighting instead of CFLs, but you get the idea.

This Valentine’s Day, we want to share ways that help your partner come on over to the green side, even if it requires a bit of bribery and home cooked meals. They don’t have to start wearing linen pants yet, but they can live their daily lives with a bit more consciousness than before, especially when it comes to saving energy.

1) Thermostats that Think for You 

While your partner loves to create the warm environment of the Sahara Desert in the middle of winter, you know that lowering or raising your thermostat even one or two degrees can help you save on your electricity bill. But the physical act of lowering and raising the thermostat is just simply too much for some folks.

We don’t necessarily recommend buying your partner a programmable thermostat as a birthday present to send the message. But with the purchase of a programmable thermostat, the thermostat will do all the thinking for your family. Within just a few weeks, your thermostat will remember your rhythms, and start adjusting the settings to maximize savings and energy efficiency. The degrees do add up, and over time, so does the money you’re saving on electricity each month.

2) Showering with Less

Help Your Partner or Spouse Fall in Love with Energy Efficiency

And there’s also the old standby tip of showering together to use less water…

This can be a really sensitive topic: the shower hog that spends a ridiculously long time in the shower. You’re not willing to start a water war by cutting off the pipes after 10 minutes, but you can install a low flow shower head. It gets the job done just the same, and it will dramatically reduce the amount of water you’re using. Not only are you saving water, you are also saving the costs of what it takes to heat all that water. You can pick up a low flow shower head for between $10-20 at most home improvement stores. And your partner won’t even know the difference.

3) You Recycle, I’ll Cook

Some folks are plain lazy when it comes to recycling. Does your partner throw empty cans and bottles into the regular trash can instead of that convenient recycling bin you placed right next to it? While we’re not encouraging bribery in your daily life, perhaps you can set up a situation where for every dozen cans and bottles that get recycled properly, you’ll cook them their favorite meal. They say that breaking a habit takes a good 30 days. You can expect that after 30 days of tasty meals, recycling will become second nature!

4) Turn Out the Lights

Help Your Partner or Spouse Fall in Love with Energy Efficiency

Let’s be real – you only need one nice light to help set the mood.

Now this one is romantic. There’s no reason the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room overhead lights need to be on when you two are in the living room watching a movie. Keep on a low wattage lamp or two instead of the overhead lights, and this should give you enough extra light to stuff your face with popcorn. Start the habit of turning out the lights that don’t need to be on, and see if your partner gets the hint that not only are you saving energy, you’re also creating some good ambiance.

5) Crunch the Numbers

Lots of people like numbers – because numbers don’t lie. Review your current electricity bill today, and openly discuss ways your family can cut back together. Review it the following month, and see if collectively you used greater or fewer kilowatts of energy. For some, just seeing a lower number one month to the next is triumphant enough to turn the tides of old habits.

Old habits are hard to break, but with a little focus (and some good home-cooked meals), it won’t take long for your partner or spouse to truly fall in love with increasing the energy efficiency and green living of your household.

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