Texas Entrepreneurs Series: Introducing 3 Leading Business Innovators

By Brooke Drake, February 10, 2016, Careers/Jobs

At Bounce Energy, we are proud of our beginnings. We were created in 2008 by seven ambitious entrepreneurs who sought to create a successful Texas electricity company from scratch. In honor of those great creators, the Texas Entrepreneurs Series seeks to dive into the spirit of innovation and drive to succeed living inside all entrepreneurs.

Texas Entrepreneurs Series: Introducing 3 Leading Business Innovators

Since Bounce Energy was created here in Texas by a group of young entrepreneurs, we felt it fitting to begin our series with highlighting a few fantastic entrepreneurs and business innovators who are proud to call Texas home.

1) Michael Dell

Texas Entrepreneurs Series: Introducing 3 Leading Business Innovators

As one of the most well-known (and one of the richest) entrepreneurs to come from Texas, Michael Dell is first known as the creator of the Dell computer. Born in 1965 in Houston, TX, he founded his company, Dell Computer Corporation, from his dorm room at the University of Texas in 1984. At the age of 19, he built and sold computers to people he knew around campus. He focused on good machines, strong customer support and cheaper prices, which was enough to start landing accounts outside of UT.

Only 8 years after starting his company, Michael was the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Today, he is still Chairman and CEO of Dell and has an estimated worth of $18.5 billion.

2) Mary Kay Ash

Texas Entrepreneurs Series: Introducing 3 Leading Business Innovators

A positive role model for many Texas women, Mary Kay Ash should be on every list of Texas entrepreneurs. Seeking to create a positive work environment, she created a company that rewarded women for their hard work, which was rare in the 1960’s.

Mary Kay founded her famous cosmetics company at the age 45 after being passed up yet again for a promotion by a man she had previously trained. She bought the formulas for skin lotions and opened up a store in Dallas with her son and nine employees (biography.com).

Though she passed away in 2001 at the age of 83, Mary Kay, Inc. is still running with more than 1.6 million sales people around the world and about $4 billion in sales.

3) John Watters

Texas Entrepreneurs Series: Introducing 3 Leading Business Innovators

With a strong Texas tech industry staying strong for so many years, it’s no wonder why many Texas entrepreneurs make a name for themselves in this field As the Chairman and CEO for iSight Partners, John Watters created his newest company that specializes in stopping cyber criminals. The Dallas-based company helps security teams around the world respond more quickly to cyber-threats, as well as help those teams be more proactive in defending against the potential for cyber-attacks.

One of the top cyber security companies internationally, iSight has over 300 experts working for the company in 16 different countries. And prior to building iSight, John started a company called iDefense, which was acquired by VeriSign in 2005.

Next up in our Texas Entrepreneurs Series: the Top MBA Programs in Texas.

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