Texas Entrepreneurs Series: Researching 4 Top Texas Green & Eco-Friendly Programs

By John Rose, March 2, 2016, Careers/Jobs

At Bounce Energy, we are proud of our beginnings. We were created in 2008 by seven ambitious entrepreneurs who sought to create a successful Texas electricity company from scratch. In honor of those great creators, the Texas Entrepreneurs Series seeks to dive into the spirit of innovation and drive to succeed living inside all entrepreneurs.

Texas Entrepreneurs Series: Researching 4 Top Texas Green & Eco-Friendly Programs

Last month, we presented you with 4 top MBA and 3 top BBA programs in Texas. While business acumen is vital in the energy business, expertise in the environmental sciences is more important than ever as the drive towards alternative energy sources increases. Using EnvironmentalScience.org as a guide, we developed a guide to four first-rate Environmental Science Programs in the Lone Star State.

1) Texas A&M University

The College of Geosciences at Texas A&M offers degree programs in both Environmental Studies (focused more on environmental policy) and Environmental Geoscience (an earth-centered perspective). Each degree program requires classes from all four departments of the College: Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, Geology and Geophysics, and Oceanography, providing  students with an interdisciplinary background not found in many other programs.

Students at A&M can participate in a wide range of research projects, from biodiversity at the Soltis Center for Research and Education in central Costa Rica to atmospheric chemistrypollution of the world’s oceans, and more.

2) Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

Texas A&M earns two spots on our list, as its satellite campus in Corpus Christi also offers some amazing opportunities for the environmentally-minded student. Its location on the Texas coast lends itself well to partnerships with other leading research agencies; for example, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Texas Natural Resource Commission and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department all have offices on campus grounds. The five research centers within the Environmental Science department include the Harte Institute, one of the world’s leading research institutes on the Gulf of Mexico,

Students at A&M Corpus benefit from small class sizes and the relatively affordable tuition of a public university.

3) Baylor University

Texas Entrepreneurs Series: Researching 4 Top Texas Green & Eco-Friendly Programs

The slogan of the Environmental Science department at Baylor University is “Global Scope, Global Impact.” and this is reflected in its curriculum and faculty research expertise. The Texas Sea Grant supports research at Baylor into how the chemicals in our everyday products (pharmaceuticals, personal care products, etc.) are affecting the Texas coastal ecosystems.

As a small university town, Baylor has strong ties to the community, and the Environmental Science department offers classes reflecting this, including helping at local community gardens and teaching basic gardening skills to the youth of Waco.

4) Texas Christian University

Texas Entrepreneurs Series: Researching 4 Top Texas Green & Eco-Friendly Programs

The Environmental Science Degree Program at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth offers BS, MA, and MS programs in Environmental Science and, as well as a rigorous academic program. The school provides many unique initiatives students are encouraged to participate in: The TCU Bat Monitoring Program, TCU Wind Initiative, TCU Rhino Initiative, and the Tropical Research Station in Costa Rica.

If the above list wasn’t enough to persuade you, undergraduates and business professionals at TCU can also earn a certificate in sustainability, and there are plans to add a sustainability minor available campus-wide.

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