How Green is Texas? Part 4: The Handy Home Builders

By Vernon Trollinger, April 20, 2016, Energy Efficiency, Green

When Texans observed the first Earth Day in April 1970, the state was America’s petrochemical capital. Oil and gas production gushed, and chemical plants belched smoke into the sky. Forty-six years later, Texas businesses and institutions are still energy leaders, but instead, they’re building energy efficient renewable energy technologies for the 21st Century. In our “How Green is Texas?” series, we’re going to highlight the companies, school districts, universities, and home builders moving Texas towards a greener state of being.

According to a report by the University of Houston, Texas may double its population from 25.1 million people to between 31 and 55 million by 2050. That means more than 10.5 million new housing units will need to be built to house all those new residents, especially in the four metro areas of Austin, Dallas – Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston.

How Green is Texas? Part 4: The Handy Home Builders

In order to meet this future demand for housing, as well as the increased demand for water, sewer, and energy, housing developers report increased interest in building more green, sustainable housing. And a few enterprising and earth-loving home builders are responding to that demand.

1) Taurus Investment Holdings of Texas

This company is developing Whisper Valley, a 2,063-acre, mixed-use planned community located in Austin. The plan is to build 7,500 energy-saving homes in northeastern Travis County to create the nation’s first energy neutral single-family housing development. Prices will range between $150,000 and $275,000 per home.

2) Catellus Development Corporation

In partnership with the City of Austin, these developers embarked on the ambitious project to turn the city’s former Robert Mueller Municipal Airport into a sustainable green certified housing development.

Those two companies are not alone when it comes to building green and sustainable homes in Texas. The state is home to several national award-winning and innovative home builders who are committed to sustainable home and energy-saving green-building standards.

How Green is Texas? Part 4: The Handy Home Builders

3) Native

One of the winners of Green Builder’s “2015 Green Home of the Year Awards,” this Austin-based company specializes in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, including Zero-energy homes.

4) Frankel Building Group

How Green is Texas? Part 4: The Handy Home Builders

Based out of Houston, these builders have been the area’s leading green home builder. The group now exclusively builds LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified homes, following standards set by the United States Green Building Council. Frankel Building Group has won the Houston PRISM award for Green Building Single Family Project of the Year in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

5) Imagine Homes

This company is the first San Antonio builder to certify all of its homes to both the federal ENERGY STAR program and the Build San Antonio Green program.

6) McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc.

As one of the top 30 home-builders in the nation, this greater Dallas – Fort Worth area firm is home to and most notably the first major production home-builder to join the LEED for Homes Program. MHI’s Coventry Homes brand offers its Eco Smart Program where third-party inspectors ensure compliance with LEED certification guidelines.

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