How Can I Help My Kids Be Green? [Infographic]

By Adam P. Newton, May 11, 2016, Family, Green

Motivate Your Kids to Learn Green Habits

We’re big fans of helping your family to become green and energy efficient – especially theĀ children! When kidsĀ adopt green living principles early in life, they’re much more likely to follow them their entire lives.

This infographic outlines a range of tips and activities you can introduce to your family to get your kids to go green!

Wondering how you can teach your children to be environmentally sensitive around the house? They’ll earn gold (ahem, green) stars with these habits!

  • Turn water off when brushing your teeth.
  • Snack time? Be sure to close the fridge.
  • Trade 30 minutes of TV time for a book or family game.
  • Use a solar charged nightlight so you don’t have to plug in.
  • Help mom and dad hand wash and dry the dishes.
  • Try a microwave mug cake recipe for your next dessert instead of baking a cake in the oven.
  • Make an art project using recycled materials, or old drawings to make a collage.


[Infographic] How I can help my kids be green? Teach them these green habits to keep them environmentally sensitive around the house.

How do you encourage green living in your kids? Share with us in the comments!

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