How Long Does an LED Light Bulb Last? [Infographic]

By Adam P. Newton, May 3, 2016, Energy Efficiency, Green

A Whole Lot Longer Than You Think!

We talk a lot about the benefits of switching to LED light bulbs to improve your home’s energy efficiency and to enhance how your green living efforts directly benefit the environment. But since some folks still wonder if all the hoopla over the LED bulb is really worth it, we decided to show you!

Take a gander at all you can do during the lifespan of your average LED light bulb. Not only do these bulbs live longer than your traditional incandescent bulb, they don’t have the harmful mercury like a CFL bulb does!

The only question left for me is: How exactly will I get to Saturn once I plug in my LED light bulb?


[Infographic] How long does an LED light bulb last? See all the things you could do during the lifetime of an LED light.


How long does a light bulb last? [ Based on continuous hours of use]

During the lifespan of a lightbulb, you could ..

  • Take a trip to the Moon – 72 hours (3 days)
  • Take a balloon trip around the world – 360 hours (15 days)
  • Train for a marathon – 2,688 hours (112 days)
  • Incandescent bulbs – 1,200 hours ( 50 days)
  • Take a trip to Mars – 8,016 hours (334 days)
  • Build a house – 5,008 hours(212 days)
  • Walk across the U.S. – 8,760 hours(365 days)
  • CFL bulbs – 10,008 hours(1.14 years)
  • Earn a degree – 35,040 hours(4 years)
  • Learn a new language – 35,040 hours (4 years)
  • Grow a Christmas tree from seed – 43,800 hours (5 years)
  • Take a trip to Saturn – 43,800 hours (5 years)

LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours (5.7 years)!

What are some other things you could do during the 50,000 hours your LED light bulbs are on? Share with us in the comments!

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