How Can I Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding? Part 3 – Wedding Favors

By Ebony Porter, June 20, 2016, Green

As a Bride-to-Be myself, I want a beautiful, well-thought-out wedding. But as I started planning my wedding, the cost and disposable nature of most wedding supplies really dampened my excitement. As a lover of all things green, I sought out ways I could incorporate recycling, reusing, and resourcefulness to plan the best day of my life. With the Eco-Friendly Wedding series from Bounce Energy, we’ll show you how you can cut costs with your wedding planning, while making it sustainable, earth-friendly, and absolutely gorgeous. 

We continue our exploration of greener weddings with a look at wedding favors.

How Can I Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding? Part 3 - Wedding Favors | Bounce Energy Blog

Wedding favors are a token of appreciation to your guests. Think of them as a small offering of saying thanks for attending your special day, especially to those who traveled to be there. The notion is guests take home a small gift, and the love felt at the ceremony will hopefully linger on in their lives well after the day!

But when we live in a world of cheaply made tchotchkes, you might want to create something for your guests that’s environmentally friendly, thrifty, and not too expensive! Explore these ideas for creative recycling and upcycling – and have fun while making them!

Baby Food Jars

How Can I Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding? Part 3 - Wedding Favors | Bounce Energy Blog

If you don’t have a baby or your family makes its own baby food (which we hope you are!), ask your friends with babies if they can save their baby food jars for you. They are a perfect little size to use for a variety of treats, and it’s definitely cheaper than purchasing the pretty jars commonly found at craft stores.

Simply boil the jars in water, and then scrape off the label to get them sparkling clean. Once you’ve filled the jars, cut out little squares of fabric, and place a ribbon around the lid to decorate them. You can finish off the look by printing out personalized labels telling your guests what’s inside.

Items to consider for jars:

  • Homemade jam, cooked from the fruit you grow at home! Figs, blackberries, quinces, and peaches are fruits that grow in abundance when growing season hits. Fill your jars with hot jam and then print out cute little labels that state “Spread the Love!” I will be doing this using figs from our tree at home, and I’ll wrap the jar tops with little pieces of the indigo fabric I’m hand-dying for our table cloths.
  • Dried herbs. Purchase a few dried herbs in bulk and consider including some herbs from your own garden in the mix. Think of a blend folks can use in salad dressings, on meat rubs, and/or dashed onto fresh bread. Herbs are easy to dry out: just pick them and hang them upside down for at least two weeks. Call it “With Love and Herbs from Our Family to Yours!”
  • Homemade BBQ Sauce. Consider giving a special sauce to your guests to enjoy during grilling season. You might find that your guests request the sauce for every holiday barbecue – starting a new tradition!
  • Popcorn kernels. Attach a tag that says “Thanks for popping by!”

Flower Seeds

How Can I Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding? Part 3 - Wedding Favors | Bounce Energy Blog

I love the idea of giving flower seeds to guests, the beauty of your special day carries on via color and blooms. Not only will flowers grow, but you’ll attract butterflies and bees to your garden, too! Try these two ideas for giving seeds:

Flower seed packets

  • Use little paper bags hand stamped with your initials and the wedding date. Include the line “Watch Love Grow” and providing plating instructions.
  • Purchase flowers seeds in bulk from a local grower, ensuring they are non-GMO and organically grown for the best quality. This will also ensure that your seeds will grow well in your area. When buying in bulk, the cost of the seeds is dramatically reduced.

Wildflower seed paper cakes

  • Using paper you would otherwise recycle, along with wildflower seeds, a bowl, blender, strainer, a cooking tray of some kind, cloths, and a cookie cutter to make shapes.
  • Tear the paper into small bits and place into the blender.
  • Add warm water to cover the mix and start blending.
  • Strain the pulp through a wire strainer and squeeze out the excess liquid.
  • Mix your choice of seeds and paper pulp into a mixing bowl.
  • press the mixture into your cookie cutter to form the shape make a nice even and level surface.
  • Place the shapes onto parchment paper.
  • Drying the seed paper quickly is important, so use either a hair dryer or place in the hot sun.
  • Make sure your little cakes are entirely dry before putting bows or other sparkly items onto them. We recommend selecting seeds in the color of your wedding theme!

Donate to a Good Cause

How Can I Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding? Part 3 - Wedding Favors | Bounce Energy Blog

Rather than spending money and using supplies to craft sweet and green friendly wedding favors, turn your Big Day into a fundraiser for an environmental organiztion you love! Start with two bowls or baskets, and label each with a different environmentally friendly cause important to you and your partner. Have each guest write his or her name on a scrap of paper (that you’ll recycle later) and vote for the cause worthy of the donation. After the wedding, donate a few dollars to the winning cause in honor of each person who attended your wedding.

Reusable Grocery Bags

How Can I Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding? Part 3 - Wedding Favors | Bounce Energy Blog

Unless you’re an absolute whiz with the sewing machine and happen to have scraps of spare canvas you can upcycle into bags, order reusable canvas grocery bags and have your wedding date and/or the initials of you and your sweetheart screenprinted onto the front. Every plastic bag NOT used counts, and it will be sweet for your friends and family to think of your special day each time they load up the bag with fresh groceries.

What ideas do you have for budget-friendly and green favors at your eco-friendly wedding? Share them in the comments!

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