What Should I Do About Tropical Storm Earl in Texas?

By Adam P. Newton, August 3, 2016, Hurricane Prep

On August 2, 2016, the fifth named storm of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season arrived in the form of Tropical Storm Earl. Formerly known as Invest 97-L, Earl is moving westward across the Caribbean and is slated to hit the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico on Wednesday evening.

What Should I Do About Tropical Storm Earl in Texas? | Bounce Energy Blog

So what does this mean for you in Texas? Not too much at the moment.

Currently, Earl probably won’t impact the United States at all, outside of a few rip currents and ancillary rainstorms at the southern tip of Texas. In fact, Earl probably won’t even achieve the 74 mph required to reach Category 1 hurricane status.

However, learning about a storm impacting an area near Texas makes for a good time to check all of your hurricane preparedness plans and provisions. We’ve gathered a few of our most timely hurricane prep tips so you can get your family and home ready before a storm visits Texas:

We will provide you updates on Tropical Storm Earl if his winds intensify and/or he shifts direction northward to visit Texas.

Please be safe, and in case there is any sort of weather-related power outage, please contact your local utility company for assistance.

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