Enjoy Seven Simple Suggestions for Eco-Friendly Fall Decor

By Ebony Porter, October 18, 2016, Family, Green

Fall gives me a collection of excuses to decorate. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to the season itself, there’s something about the downturn in the temperature that makes me want to to cozy up, get creative, and decorate my family’s space.

Enjoy Seven Simple Suggestions for Eco-Friendly Fall Decor | Bounce Energy Blog

Thankfully, all this decorating shouldn’t involve purchasing new items or objects manufactured using synthetic materials and absurd amounts of plastic. Sometimes the best decorations are those found in your cupboards – or even better! – in your own backyard or during your daily walk.

Use these seven ideas to embrace autumn, while staying within a budget and being eco-friendly in your fall decor.

1) Upcycled Bunting

Enjoy Seven Simple Suggestions for Eco-Friendly Fall Decor | Bounce Energy Blog

Fall Bunting image courtesy of Ebony Porter.

If you have a knack for sewing, making your own homemade bunting decoration is easy.

  • Use fabrics and old plaid shirts you’re no longer wearing in warm tones. Think eggplant purple, browns, warm yellows, oranges, and brick reds.
  • Purchase some cotton quilt binding.
  • Cut your fabric into triangular pieces large enough so they have presence when seen from a distance.
  • Place the top edge of the triangular flags inside the quilt binding evenly spaced, and pin them in position.
  • Run a straight stitch across the top of the binding, ensuring the flag is stitched in there.

Hang from the front of your home, or across the ceiling in your dining room, for festive color and movement!

2) Fall Nature Table

Enjoy Seven Simple Suggestions for Eco-Friendly Fall Decor | Bounce Energy Blog

Find a space in your home where you can build a nature table, one that stands uninterrupted during the entire season. This is a wonderful way to introduce nature to your child, who will gladly jump on board in helping to create this arrangement.

  • Place a piece of silk or a cotton square down so your table is protected from the dirt and other things that will come inside! This also creates a nice boundary to build within.
  • Collect acorns, oak leaves, marigolds, flower heads, thistle, sticks, stones, and other natural items of beauty.
  • Arrange the items in a circle or any pattern pleasing to the eye.
  • Light up the space by including a candle or two, and light it each night.

3) Light Up Twigs

Enjoy Seven Simple Suggestions for Eco-Friendly Fall Decor | Bounce Energy Blog

As the leaves begin to fall from the branches of trees, the branches fall too. Collect these from the ground, and place them into a tall vase. Using a short strand of LED lights, wrap the branches and bring them to life.  They provide a warm glow, and add a nice tall, fall vibe, to any room.

4) A Natural Dinner Table

Enjoy Seven Simple Suggestions for Eco-Friendly Fall Decor | Bounce Energy Blog

Along your table runner, include real pumpkins and gourds, acorns and pine cones, and branches of pine or oak trees. At the end of the season, toss them out into the compost bin to return them to the Earth. Include clippings of flowers and leaves from your garden and place them inside of small vases. Not all plants are dried at this time of year, so adding a little green provides a bit of vibrancy.

5) The Scents of Fall

While this isn’t a visual decoration, the scent of cinnamon and spiced pumpkins are synonymous with fall. But instead of filling your home with artificial fragrances, consider using ingredients from your pantry! 

Combine 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 3 teaspoons of pumpkins spice, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Place the mixture into your wax burner, and soak up the scents of a natural fall smell.

6) A Natural Wreath

Enjoy Seven Simple Suggestions for Eco-Friendly Fall Decor | Bounce Energy Blog

I’m a big fan of wreaths as decoration all year long, and nature always provides the materials you need. Never buy a wreath in a store again!

  • Using the thin branches of a bush or vine, cut long pieces to make a wreath.
  • You’ll want to remove all thorns and leaves from them, too.
  • Start with at least 7-8 pieces, and begin by curving them with your hands.
  • Then take your second piece and begin attaching them to the first vine with wire.
  • Round and round, adhere one vine or branch to the next, until you have a substantial wreath.

This should dry out and last until the end of the year, where you could even add a few bits of red berries and green pine to make it Christmasy later on in the year.

7) Painted Acorns

These provide a simple and effective staple for your fall decor. But the trick to keeping them warm and rustic is to leave the caps brown. Using paint you already have, paint only the acorn. If they pop out, glue them back into their caps. An assortment of painted colorful acorns are sure to bring a nook in your home to life!

What ideas do you have for eco-friendly fall decor? Share with us in the comments!

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