Enjoy the Outdoors with Four Eco-Friendly Fall Party Ideas

By Ebony Porter, October 7, 2016, Family, Green

The temperatures have dropped, so that means it’s time to gather your friends like squirrels gather acorns!

Fall is a great time to throw a party, organize a happening, or simply have fun in the outdoors. With the changes in the weather, parks become livable places to gather, and as the sun begins to set earlier, the need to create festive warmth approaches.

Combine your love for autumn with your love for the earth by throwing an eco-friendly fall party! With one of these four great ideas from Bounce Energy, fill up your thermos full warm apple cider and head into the great weather. Let’s get festive!

1) Upcycled Fall Lanterns

Enjoy the Outdoors with Four Eco-Friendly Fall Party Ideas | Bounce Energy Blog

See this boring jar? You and your friends can do much better than this.

Your fall centerpiece will not be complete without the right mood lighting, so why not make a party out of making lanterns? Everyone will have fun getting crafty, and they’ll leave with homemade decorations!

  1. All you need is for your party-goers to bring over glass jars like baby food jars, salsa jars, or spaghetti sauce jars.
  2. When everyone arrives, soak the jars in warm soapy water for thirty minutes, then remove the label, removing all gummy residue.
  3. Use colored tissue paper cut in the shapes of pumpkins, leaves, or ripped into pieces and left as abstract shapes. You can also use pressed fallen leaves that have been placed in a heavy book previously for a few days.
  4. Paint the items with glue, and creatively place the item on the glass.
  5. Seal the collaged items using decoupage materials so they fuse to the glass and will dry clear.
  6. Slowly make your design across the surface of the jar.
  7. Once its finished and dried, drop a tea light candle, in and watch your collaged jar come to life.

2) Making Apple Jam

Enjoy the Outdoors with Four Eco-Friendly Fall Party Ideas | Bounce Energy Blog

Even if you don’t have an apple tree in your backyard, you might have an apple orchard in your area!

In some parts of the country, apple orchards are loaded with fruit this time of year. Or if you’re lucky enough, you may have your own fruit trees in your backyard. Far too often, these trees provides too much fruit for you to handle, and much of the produce drops off the tree and turns to waste.

Rescue the rotting apples by gathering friends to make a batch of apple jam or jelly. A simply search for “apple jam recipe” on your search engine of choice will guide you to the recipe that’s right for your party.

Not only do these jars of homemade goodness complement an array of holiday recipes, but they can then be given as gifts in the coming holiday months. If jelly isn’t your jam, make homemade applesauce, as it pairs deliciously well with roast pork and makes for a yummy after-school snack.

3) Pumpkin Party

Enjoy the Outdoors with Four Eco-Friendly Fall Party Ideas | Bounce Energy Blog

Who could resist such a memory-making event?!

Pumpkins are ubiquitous in the fall, but what makes a pumpkin party eco-friendly?

For one, if you plan to have a carving party around Halloween, don’t throw the pumpkin seeds away! Roast them up for a snack. Consider this pumpkin upcycling, if you will.

  1. Clean the seeds from the guts of the pumpkin.
  2. Spread them out single layer on an oiled baking sheet.
  3. Roast them in the oven at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes.
  4. Toss with garlic salt, olive oil, or any other spices you might fancy.

Keep the eco-friendly vibe going and compost those pumpkins once they begin to decay. If you don’t have a compost pile, simply cut the pumpkin up and churn the pieces into the soil of your garden. Over time, the pumpkin pieces will rot into the soil, providing a great food source for worms and other beneficial insects.

4) Leaf Crowns at a Park Potluck

Enjoy the Outdoors with Four Eco-Friendly Fall Party Ideas | Bounce Energy Blog

C’mon – you know you want to create the most impressive leaf crown ever!

An easy way to gather friends and enjoy the glorious outdoor weather is to organize an autumn-inspired potluck at your nearest park. Ramp up the fun for all ages by making leaf crowns as everyone enjoys sitting on quilts amid the crisp air.

  1. You will need a needle and thread (or floral wire).
  2. Gather fallen leaves and arrange them in a circle.
  3. Simply sew the leaves together, or pierce each leaf on either edge while threading your florist wire through each hole.
  4. “Guesstimate” how large you need to make your crown, and keep adding leaves if you need to.
  5. Tie the crown together, or twist your florist wire to connect.

Once everyone has made their crowns, be sure to document the moment! And enjoy your fall potluck while wearing your glorious crown.

What other ideas might you have for an eco-friendly fall party? Share with us in the comments!

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