Save Money with Our Six Inexpensive Ideas for Fall Décor

By Brooke Drake, October 17, 2016, Events & Fun, Family, Save Money

I love to decorate for the fall. There’s a child-like excitement that comes over me when I see pumpkins and fall wreathes. Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest and Instagram, it’s easier than ever to find interesting ways to decorate your home for autumn, especially if you want to save money with decorating efforts

So, before you head to your favorite stores to purchase new fall décor, check out these inexpensive ideas you can make yourself.


Save Money with Our Six Inexpensive Ideas for Fall Décor | Bounce Energy Blog

  • Go Glam – Painted pumpkins can provide some beautiful fall accents around your home. They can be arranged on your doorstep, around the fireplace, or even lined down the table as a centerpiece. All you need are pumpkins, spray paint or acrylic paint (white, black, gold or silver), painters tape, and a design (like polka dots, chevrons, a monogram, or stripes). Here is an example of how to create a glamorous chevron pumpkin.
  • Candles – Candles placed inside decorative pumpkins or gourds can make festive candle holders for the fall. Craft stores such as Hobby Lobby carry carvable imitation pumpkins and gourds you can cut into without the hassle and mess of cutting into the real thing. Simply cut a hole big enough to fit a candle or tea light and then place the candle into the carved pumpkin. You’ll have pretty accent lighting along with the feel of fall. For a more inexpensive option, use real gourds instead, and it still turns out beautifully.


Save Money with Our Six Inexpensive Ideas for Fall Décor | Bounce Energy Blog

  • Pine Cones – This simple pine cone door hanger is a cute and festive way to welcome your guests. Best of all, it only requires three materials: pine cones, ribbon, and a glue gun.
  • Fall Foliage – Another inexpensive fall wreath idea is to use maple or oak leaves from your own backyard (or from someone you know in your neighborhood) to make a fall foliage wreath. If you don’t have access to real leaves, many craft stores sell imitation leaves that provide the same look. And to save more money, you can use the same one from year to year.


Save Money with Our Six Inexpensive Ideas for Fall Décor | Bounce Energy Blog


  • Pumpkin flower arrangement – Purchase a plastic pumpkin from any craft store and fill with a fall floral arrangement. Be sure there is room inside the pumpkin for a water dish to keep the flowers fresh. As an alternative, use an imitation flower arrangement and place on the center of the table surrounded by some tea light candles.
  • Fall Accented candles – Lining a table with fall accented candles can be a great and inexpensive way to decorate your table for fall. I’ve seen vases, glasses, or mason jars filled about half way up with popcorn kernels, candy corn, or pine cones and then topped with a fall-colored candle such as cream or orange. Line the vases down the middle of the table and place some fall leaves or a fall leaves garland in-between the vases, and it can create a festively beautiful centerpiece.

Do you have any inexpensive ideas for tasteful fall decor that can help you save money? Share with us in the comments!

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