What Do I NOT Buy on Black Friday?

By Brooke Drake, November 23, 2016, Save Money

Black Friday is this week, which means there will be chaos and deals galore in stores all around the country.

What Do I NOT Buy on Black Friday? | Bounce Energy Blog

However, with all the hyperbole that surrounds this day, it’s easy to get carried away and lose sight of the good deals amidst the bad deals. To help you not waste money on items that will never receive worthwhile discounts, check out this list of what not to buy on Black Friday.

Home Furniture

What Do I NOT Buy on Black Friday? | Bounce Energy Blog

You might WANT that new couch for the holidays, but you probably won’t find it on sale.

Most furniture stores don’t participate in the Black Friday. While there may be occasional deals at localized stores, they won’t be the huge deals associated around with this shopping holiday. For the best deals on home furniture, the folks at dealnews.com recommend waiting until July and August.

Gift Cards

What Do I NOT Buy on Black Friday? | Bounce Energy Blog

C’mon – you’re shopping for Black Friday deals on good holiday gifts, not gift cards for that random relative.

While you will see some discounts on gift cards, for optimal savings, wait until right around Christmas where discounts will be greater. Specifically, be on the lookout for retailers and restaurants that  throw in gift cards for free with a minimum purchase.


What Do I NOT Buy on Black Friday? | Bounce Energy Blog

The next few weeks are some of the highest travel times of the year, so the deals really are not there.

It’s no surprise that November and December are peak times for travel, which makes demand high and prices tend to follow. Even if you are looking to book tickets for next spring, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not the times to make travel plans in terms of deals. For better pricing on airfare, it’s best to wait until at least January for deals to start popping up again.

High-End Electronics

What Do I NOT Buy on Black Friday? | Bounce Energy Blog

If you want the best and brightest devices, they most likely won’t be on sale on Black Friday.

Whether it’s a television, smartphones, camera, or gaming console, the high-end, latest generation electronics will not be discounted much if any on Black Friday. You’ll have to wait until a few months into the new year before you’ll start to see prices drop on those items. For real Black Friday deal-seekers, it’s best to look for mid-range, previous generation, and refurbished electronics for optimal savings.

Christmas Décor

What Do I NOT Buy on Black Friday? | Bounce Energy Blog

Besides, shouldn’t you already have most of your holiday decorations for this year purchased already?

Since Christmas decorations galore drape every possible surface as you shop, it’s natural to think that Black Friday deals would include holiday decorations, too. However, don’t be fooled this weekend. The prices will continue to drop the closer we get to Christmas. If you can hold off until after Christmas and plan for NEXT year, the deals will be even better.


Since these are perishable items and won’t last till Christmas, they are typically in low demand during Black Friday. Because of that, floral retailers don’t typically participate in Black Friday deals. The same goes for chocolates as well. As we get closer to Christmas; however, deals will start to appear.

Do you have any tips on what to avoid as you search for Black Friday deals? Share with us in the comments!

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