Create Your Own Budget-Friendly Holiday Cards with Our 8 Projects

By Ebony Porter, December 6, 2016, Events & Fun, Green, Save Money

If there’s one tradition I stick to during the holidays, it’s sending cards to people I love. In this digital age, there’s something old-fashioned and romantic about creating a handwritten note and sending it to someone else’s home.

Create Your Own Budget-Friendly Holiday Cards with Our 8 Projects | Bounce Energy Blog

Taking the time to write notes by hand allows you time to reflect on the events of the year.

This holiday season, get creative by using items you already have around the house or garden to create your own holiday cards. Opt to show off your spirit and style instead of buying a pre-printed versions of what you want to say. And with all of the other expenses you typically face this time of year, choose the budget-friendly route by investigating the supplies you may already have.

With these 8 fun DIY projects, you can spend a few hours slowing down in this midst of the seasonal hustle-and-bustle by crafting your own holiday cards. You could even invite a few friends over and make a craft party out of it!

1) Start with the Card

Measure out cards of whatever size you wish. Cut out the cards using an X-acto Knife and ruler, and the fold them in half.

We recommend using card stock or high quality watercolor paper. Why? Since you’ll likely use glue for these projects, you want to avoid using flimsy paper that will wrinkle and buckle under moisture. It’s also fun to start with colored cardstock.

2) Pressed Flowers

Create Your Own Budget-Friendly Holiday Cards with Our 8 Projects | Bounce Energy Blog

While you certainly can use flowers specific to this season, you can also opt for flowers important to the person receiving your card.

Pick flower heads, place them between tissues, and press them down using a heavy book like a Bible, textbook, or dictionary. Remove them a week later, and glue them with Elmer’s glue onto the front of the card. To make it holiday themed, cover the background of the card with a wash of red or green paint.

3) Christmas Tree Cutouts

Create Your Own Budget-Friendly Holiday Cards with Our 8 Projects | Bounce Energy Blog

This one does require some attention to detail, but it can be rewarding to your crafty kids!

With your folded cards, cut lines into the ‘spine’ of the card, starting with a long rectangle first at the bottom, and slowly bring your rectangles into a point. Imagine you are cutting slits that when the card is closed, it will appear to be a triangle, but when open, brings forth a Christmas Tree. You can also get creative and cut other shapes into the spine and around the card, so you end up with a simple snowflake.

4) Button Snowmen

Using old buttons in your sewing kit, find a large and small one. Glue the larger button on first, and then the smaller button balanced at the top, creating a snowman silhouette. Using a black marker, you can draw on a hat and stick arms, and with a piece of colorful ribbon, glue a scarf around his neck. And you can get creative by not using white buttons!

5) Positive Messages

Find a piece of scrap fabric and write a message of love and hope on it. The person you send it to could use it as a prayer talisman, include it in a quilt, or simply place it in the car as a good luck omen for the following year.

6) Potato Stamps

Create Your Own Budget-Friendly Holiday Cards with Our 8 Projects | Bounce Energy Blog

We definitely recommend that a responsible adult assist children with this craft, specifically because of the knife work involved.

Start by slicing a potato in half. Next, carve stars, a Christmas tree, a candle, or other simple holiday shapes into it. Make sure your design is flat and holds a solid form. Then dip your potato stamp into a shallow dish of paint. Press onto the front of your card. This is a great activity to do with a young school-aged child!

7) Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Create Your Own Budget-Friendly Holiday Cards with Our 8 Projects | Bounce Energy Blog

And depending upon the age of your children helping you, safety scissors might be a good idea.

Take a small coffee filter, fold it 3-4 times, and cut triangles and squares into it to form a snowflake. Then unfold it and glue the snowflake onto your card. The simplicity of the white paper on top of a colored card can be really effective.

8) Paper Mistletoe

Send them a kiss! Using a hole punch, punch out a bunch of green and white paper. Glue those little green and white circles onto the front of the card and shape them into the form of mistletoe leaves, complete with a few white berries. Then tie a piece of red ribbon into a bow and glue it at the top of your mistletoe branch.

What are your creative and budget-friendly ways to make holiday cards? Share with our readers below.

Happy crafting!

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