What Can My Family Do Indoors When It’s Cold Outside?

By Ebony Porter, January 17, 2017, Events & Fun, Family

When the cooler temperatures of winter arrive – even in Texas – you’re guaranteed a few days trapped indoors with your kids. But cabin fever isn’t a bad thing! Seize the opportunity with your family and make the most of your concentrated time together. Check out these 10 terrific tips for keeping everyone engaged indoors when it’s cold outside. You just might make a few memories while being a kid for a day.

1) Build a Mega-Fort

What Can My Family Do Indoors When It’s Cold Outside? | Bounce Energy Blog

Everyone loves a good pillow fort, especially as a cozy reading nook!

When was the last time you spent time inside of a homemade fort? Gather all the pillows, chairs, blankets, and sheets you can find in the house and get to work! Drape them over the chairs and use clothes pins to keep the sheets together. Grab a flashlight, a stack of books, and cuddle up for a reading marathon. 

Your family can also make up its own stories! Have one person start with “Once upon a time,” and let each person in the fort add their own line! Keep the story moving to see where your imaginations take you!

2) Create a Treasure Hunt

Gather some simple items from around the house and hide them throughout the rooms the night before. Make a list of the items for each person so they know what to look for on this treasure hunt. Let everyone loose and whoever gathers the most items wins a special treat of your choice!

3) Bake Cookies

What Can My Family Do Indoors When It’s Cold Outside? | Bounce Energy Blog

Baking is a great way to introduce kids to the kitchen.

Have you baked cookies from scratch with your family? Now is the time! Get the kids involved, whether it’s through measuring, breaking the eggs, stirring the batter, and (best of all) eating those hot cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are an old-fashioned favorite, or make sugar cookies so you all can have fun decorating them after they cool down.

4) A Fashion Show

Let the kids raid your closets and have them put on a fashion show! Cue some great music and be surprised. Gather the adults on the couch and sit back to enjoy what will surely be a hilarious performance!

5) Walk Down Memory Lane

What Can My Family Do Indoors When It’s Cold Outside? | Bounce Energy Blog

The best part about a photo album? Telling new stories as you conjure up old memories.

Make some hot cocoa and grab the family photo albums. Take the moment to reflect on the years past, and tell your children new stories prompted from the moments in the photos. Not only will the kids enjoy it, but we are certain you will, too.

6) Pillow Fight

A good pillow fight will help burn off excess energy and keep people from going too stir-crazy. To keep the fun going without any injury potential, wnsure that everyone follows the rule that you can only whack below the neck.

7) Throw a Tea Party

What Can My Family Do Indoors When It’s Cold Outside? | Bounce Energy Blog

We highly recommend holding your tea party in your mega-fort from Tip #1.

Put the kettle on, and break out the pretty tea cups and saucers. Make some hot tea, and arrange a few cookies on a plate for an elegant tea party. Dress up for it too! Be sure and invite all the dolls and stuffed animals.

8) Indoor Bowling

Put together a make-shift game of bowling in one of the hallways of the home. Use bottles from around the house, and arrange them in a triangular formation. For babies and toddlers, use a larger ball (such as a soccer ball), and for older kids, use a tennis ball. If you use plastic bottles, put a little water in them to weigh them down.

9) Write a Letter

Pull out some paper, pens, paints, envelopes, and stamps. Take the time to decorate the paper and write faraway friends and family members an old-fashioned letter. Everyone loves to receive snail mail, especially letters filled with love and good thoughts from special people you don’t hear from often.

10) Family Art Exhibition

What Can My Family Do Indoors When It’s Cold Outside? | Bounce Energy Blog

Use this time as an opportunity to let everyone’s creative side come to life.

Gather art supplies like water color paper and paints, Play-doh, wool, Popsicle sticks, glue, and other supplies. Have each family member – parents included! – make a piece of art within a time limit. Put on an art exhibition, and give it a name for fun! Have an opening, and serve appetizers to make it official.

What other indoor activities does your family enjoy when it’s cold outside? Share with us in the comments!

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