4 Gregarious Green New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family

By John Rose, January 3, 2017, Green

It’s that time again! The New Year has arrived, which means the pull of making a few resolutions is almost irresistible. This year, instead of pledging unrealistic ways you’re going to change yourself, have your entire family choose to help the planet! While it is a cliché, every little bit truly does help, so we recommend these 5 green New Year’s Resolutions!

1) Recycle

4 Gregarious Green New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family | Bounce Energy Blog

Get your kids involved by turning recycling into a fun activity for the family!

This is perhaps the most obvious way to immediately introduce green living to your family. Most major cities offer some form of curbside recycling now, so there is little excuse to not participate.

Talk to your children about the importance of recycling and get them involved, too. My little one is still learning about the intricacies of recycling, so he always asks which trash can he needs to put something in. If we can raise the next generation to consider recycling as a normal part of daily life, we can significantly reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill.

2) Purchase Reusable Shopping Bags

4 Gregarious Green New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family | Bounce Energy Blog

Be on the lookout for fun and funky canvas bags from your favorite retailers, products, and companies!

Let’s face it. The plastic bags at grocery and convenience stores are no good for the environment. In fact, they can take between 500 to 1,000 years to break down in a landfill, and with 5 trillion of them produced yearly, that is a huge amount of waste! They are also flimsy and hard to reuse!

This year, invest in really good reusable bags and bring them with you every time you go shopping. And if you’re afraid you’ll forget them, keep a few in each car so you always have them handy.

If you do have extra plastic bags, make sure you recycle them, especially since many supermarkets have recycling stations available.

3) Use Your Own Water Bottle

4 Gregarious Green New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family | Bounce Energy Blog

We recommend choosing a water bottle that you actually like, as you’ll be more inclined to remember it exists, which means you’ll use it more often.

It’s simple – don’t buy bottled water. Just no. Like plastic bags, plastic water bottles do not degrade quickly, are toxic when they do degrade, and their production is bad for the environment. What’s more – bottled water can cost between 600 to nearly 4,000 times more per gallon than tap water!

Instead, invest your money in a bottle that you absolutely love and can refill on the go. Also, we recommend a good insulated cup! We love them at our house, because in the Texas summer, still having ice cold water in the car is heavenly, and no plastic water bottle can promise that!

4) Switch to Cloth Napkins

4 Gregarious Green New Year’s Resolutions for Your Family | Bounce Energy Blog

The environmental cost of washing a load of cloth napkins is less than that of using lots of paper towels.

Paper towels are so convenient – they clean up spills, counters, and children in a flash, but they are also very overused by most American families.

This year, purchase some highly absorbent cloth towels and napkins that will work for your needs – be it for use as napkins or for mopping up every spill from a 5-year-old who seems incapable of keeping his beverage in a cup. Or is that just me? These cloths can then be added in to your usual laundry load, so you aren’t using any additional energy.

We have found this to be a really easy green step to take in our household, and I encourage you to take the plunge too!

Good luck with your green New Year’s Resolutions in 2017!

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