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How to Create an Energy Efficient Kids’ Room

Electricity use adds up all over the home, and teaching our children about conserving energy is important. Not only will they grow up to be considerate of their energy usage, and in turn save mom and dad a few dollars, but they’ll understand that electricity, water, and ot [...]

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How Do I Retrofit-Install a Ceiling Fan? | Bounce Energy Blog

How Do I Retrofit-Install a Ceiling Fan?

Welcome to the How Do I Do This? series from Bounce Energy. Each month, we’ll dive into what you need to know to shop-for, install, or repair those things in your home to keep your life affordable and convenient. Plus, you’ll (hopefully) learn some useful tips for other [...]

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Who Started Earth Day, and How Did It Take Off? | Bounce Energy Blog

Who Started Earth Day, and How Did It Take Off?

Nearly 50 years ago, about 20 million people took part in the very first Earth Day celebration in cities, towns and college campuses across the U.S. They were taking a stand against pollution and promoting clean air, water and earth. (Considering that the U.S. population was [...]

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5 Amazing Science Experiments to Try at Home | Bounce Energy Blog

5 Amazing Science Experiments to Try at Home

When it comes to education, one topic that continues to dominate the conversation is the need to get kids more interested and engaged in the sciences. Faced with an increasingly technological world, with more and more workplaces demanding scientific knowledge, parents are [...]

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Fun with Less Kilowatts— The Homopolar Motor

Fun with Less Kilowatts: The Homopolar Motor

Welcome to Fun with Less Kilowatts! We believe that science experiments at home can be a creative way to engage kids in learning while having fun. They can be educational AND great activities to keep your kids busy and away from the television. Each month, we’ll feature a [...]

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Daily Rituals for Self Care – Pioneer Life in the 21st Century, Part 4

Pioneer times were tough, and we would never suggest life without modern plumbing, refrigeration, or electricity! But with the fast pace of modern life, some folks have decided to learn skills from bygone eras. This includes purchasing local products made closer to hom [...]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Spring Heat | Bounce Energy Blog

5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Spring Heat

Now that spring has spread its sunny glory over the world, and the grass and the flowers are in bloom, you’re no doubt eager to get out and spend as much time as possible outside. Everyone loves a warm, blue-sky day, but if you’re a pet owner, the warm weather is an espe [...]

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How to Get My Closets Clean Using Green Cleaning Methods?

Welcome to Green Cleaning Solutions from Bounce Energy! In this series, we will share our best practices,  favorite tips, and homegrown cleaning recipes – all designed to keep your home clean using environmentally friendly products and methods. We’ll help you skip the g [...]

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Exploring Renewable Energy Technology, November 2017 | Bounce Energy Blog

The Texas Renewable Energy Ripple Effect

Welcome to Exploring Renewable Energy Technology from Bounce Energy! Because the ERCOT portion of Texas can be thought of as a “walled garden,” renewable energy sources in Texas now make up a significant portion of the energy supply mix. It’s also a dynamic technology [...]

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What Type of Water Heater Do I Need? - How to Shop for Home Improvement Projects | Bounce Energy Blog

What Type of Water Heater Do I Need?

While most homeowners love their homes, not every home is perfect. There are usually one or two things the homeowner would like to change, such as an outdated bathtub for a new walk-in shower or updating the look of their kitchen. And then there’s occasional “uh-oh” o [...]

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