Daily Rituals for Self Care – Pioneer Life in the 21st Century, Part 4

By Ebony Porter, April 13, 2017, Events & Fun

Pioneer times were tough, and we would never suggest life without modern plumbing, refrigeration, or electricity! But with the fast pace of modern life, some folks have decided to learn skills from bygone eras. This includes purchasing local products made closer to home with more care and quality materials, unhooking from technology, and embracing homesteading. In our Pioneer Life in the 21st Century series, we’ll help you embrace a few pioneer-like actions, create mindful moments, and perhaps save a few bucks, whether you live in an apartment in the city or a planned community in the suburbs.

Living in an age without electricity would have been rough! There’s no doubt that downtime was slim, and that between chores and making daily life happen, moments of pure R&R to recharge the spirit were hard to come by.

There are times in these modern days when we feel the same way. Between our commute to work, our long work days, bustling the kids to and fro, and taking care of the home, the time for ourselves to recharge has gone out the window.

With Bounce Energy’s Pioneer Life in the 21st Century series, we search for ways to help you find a connection to what’s most primal in life. Through simple gestures, we turn back the clock without the use of technology, and find the joy in simpler activities and times. 

While a half hour of social media scrolling may “relax” you, we propose you get off the gadgets and start new daily rituals to rest your mind in healthier ways. Unplug, kick back, and adopt a few of these ideas.

Daily Rituals for Self Care - Pioneer Life in the 21st Century, Part 4 | Bounce Energy Blog

Stretch, Then Start Your Day

The first 30 minutes of our day lays the foundation for the hours ahead. Make a commitment to yourself to start your day by stretching for a mere 5 minutes before you check your phone or rush into the shower.

Touch your toes, twist, and stretch your fingers, hands and arms. It helps with your posture, helps transition from sleep to the waking hours, and sets the tone for a mellow morning before starting the rush of the day.

Afternoon Tea

Make a ritual to make a cup of herbal tea each day at the same time. Let’s say 2 pm. This will become something simple to look forward to. It’s healthy and takes you out of the daily grind for 5 minutes to turn inward and find a breather from all that is demanding of you.

Daily Rituals for Self Care - Pioneer Life in the 21st Century, Part 4 | Bounce Energy Blog

Phones Off

For those with children, this is a really great ritual to adopt, as children are often battling for our attention. Even for those without kids, putting down the phone for at least an hour, or for a particular window of time each night,  can really restore us.

Consider that life won’t change if you don’t catch an Instagram update, or what is happening in the world! If someone has a true life emergency to share with you, then that person will call. Take this time to cherish the silence, or to take a bath, stretch, or write a note to someone you have been putting off. Use this time to connect with yourself, rather than distract yourself with everything going on elsewhere. 

Eye Rest

The strain of staring at a computer for 8 or more hours a day, coupled with driving and constantly checking our phones, strains our eyes to no end. We get home, and then we turn on the TV to tune into the news, our favorite show, or video games.

There’s nothing wrong with escaping through this route, but what about starting each evening with 5 minutes of shut-eye and a cool washcloth rolled up, rested onto your eyes. The coolness will reduce puffiness, moisturize your eyes, and give them an important break from all visual stimuli.

Nightly Stroll

Make a commitment to take a walk with your family at the same time each night, and use this time to decompress, unwind, get some exercise, and check in with your loved ones. Leave the phone at home. Here you connect with the outdoors, even if it’s just in a suburban neighborhood, and enjoy the fresh air after being inside an office all day. 

Do you honor yourself each day with a daily ritual? Share it with our readers below!

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