How to Create an Energy Efficient Kids’ Room

By Ebony Porter, April 25, 2017, Family, Green, Home Improvement

Electricity use adds up all over the home, and teaching our children about conserving energy is important. Not only will they grow up to be considerate of their energy usage, and in turn save mom and dad a few dollars, but they’ll understand that electricity, water, and other sources of energy, are precious and shouldn’t be wasted.

As parents and caregivers we can help them live energy efficiently too. Beyond education, we can make their rooms energy efficient by tweaking a few items that are already in place.

Follow these tips for how you can make your children’s bedrooms efficient while still staying cool.

How to Create an Energy Efficient Kids' Room | Bounce Energy Blog

Let the Light In

If your child has either curtains or blinds in their room, teach them to open them up during the day to let natural sunlight in as opposed to using the overhead lights. Unless it’s 100 degrees outside and having the curtains open will let more heat into the house, open them up and bask in nature’s light.

Lights Out

Teach your kids early on to always turn off the lights when leaving a room. To help them, make a cute sign that hangs on their door or near the light switch. Teach them a little tune to help them remember, like “lights out, then we shout!” or some other silly quip that will give them a little fun while being energy conscious.

How to Create an Energy Efficient Kids' Room | Bounce Energy Blog

Switch to LED Light Bulbs

Invest in LED light bulbs for their overhead lights and their side table lamps. These bulbs will last for years, and use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs.

If your child has a night light, see if you can find a smaller bulb that is LED also, and if they like to sleep with a flash light next to their bed for night time waking, then pick up an LED flashlight.

Portable Fan

Before the weather gets too hot, consider using a portable fan to keep air circulating in their bedroom and avoid turning on the air conditioner.

If you live in the southern states, you know we often crank the air conditioning from spring through fall. Any relief in the running of our HVAC system before the hot seasons start is welcome, and saves a few extra dollars in electricity costs. A ceiling fan is also a recommended investment in your child’s room if they don’t already have one.

Blackout Curtains

Curtains that are lined in the back with blackout material deflect heat, helping to keep the temperatures down. They also block out the sunlight that is of course, a fierce natural heater.

Blackout curtains come in a variety of designs to match your kids’ decor, or if they already have curtains and you are handy with a sewing machine, you can purchase blackout material by the yard and sew it to the back of existing curtains yourself.

How to Create an Energy Efficient Kids' Room | Bounce Energy Blog

Electronic Limits

Set limits on how much time each day they can watch a television or play video games in their room. These devices use up electricity, and it’s easy to leave them turned on even when leaving the room.

Instill a system that encourages your child to turn off their devices, such as setting a wind-up kitchen timer, for example. If they leave their room and leave their video games running, have them make a colorful sign to put on the door as they exit to remind them to turn them off. It only takes a week or two to start a new habit.

Plant a Tree

While this isn’t something that is inside their room, a tree or shrub planted outside their bedroom window can aid in blocking heat and sun.

With your child, visit a plant nursery and select an ideal shrub together. Consider positioning against the house, how much sun it receives, and how it will be watered. Also perhaps look for a variety that will attract hummingbirds or butterflies! Plant it together, and like your child, watch it grow.

Kids have a lot of energy, and can use a lot of it too. With just a few simple tweaks and habits, you can teach your kids to be more energy efficient while keeping their rooms cool and comfortable.

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