5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Spring Heat

By Jessica Bivins, April 13, 2017, Family

Now that spring has spread its sunny glory over the world, and the grass and the flowers are in bloom, you’re no doubt eager to get out and spend as much time as possible outside. Everyone loves a warm, blue-sky day, but if you’re a pet owner, the warm weather is an especially welcomed treat. After being cooped up for the winter, waiting out the cold and rain, your favorite animal can now get their energy out somewhere else besides your living room and couch!

As eager as both of you might be to get out there and enjoy some fresh air, it’s important to proceed with caution. So, before you clip the leash onto their collar, here are five things you should do to keep your pet safe in the spring heat.

  1. Never keep your animal in a closed car. Even on cool days, if the sun is out, it can be surprising how hot your car can get. Heat gets magnified through the windows, and dogs and cats can’t cool themselves off as effectively as we can, so leaving them in the car can be deadly, even if the window is cracked.
  2. Ease into your exercise routine. Just like humans, animals need some time to build up their muscles and stamina. Don’t assume your hyperactive pup can safely run five miles right out the door. They need time to physically adjust to the exercise and to the warmth and humidity. Try to keep your outside activity limited to the cooler times of the day, either during the morning or evening. This will allow them to gradually get used to the warmth. And if you have ambitious exercise plans, slowly build up, adding five or ten minutes a week.5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Spring Heat | Bounce Energy Blog
  3. Make sure shade and water is available at all times. Have you ever wondered why dogs pant so much? Basically, it’s their way of cooling off, and it’s not a very efficient way of doing so. Since neither dogs nor cats can regulate their body temperature very well, be sure to carry water with you, even if you’re just going for a short drive or walk.
    5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Spring Heat | Bounce Energy Blog
  4. Head to the groomer. If you have a long-haired dog or cat, you may have to go beyond simply brushing out their excess hair to help them shed. Consider getting them groomed so they have a lightweight spring coat to romp around in. However, be aware that some dog breeds, like Newfoundlands, can’t grow back their coats, and if shaven close to the skin, are highly susceptible to sunburns. Be sure to do your research and check with your veterinarian before bringing them into the groomer.
  5. Be on the lookout for heat stroke. Perhaps the biggest reason to follow these guidelines is to prevent heat stroke. Bright gums, delirium, vomiting, bloody diarrhea and excessive panting are all signs of heat stroke. A dog suffering from moderate heatstroke can, if given proper and immediate care, recover in a few hours. If you notice your animal overheating, try to get them in a cool area immediately, give them water and most of all, don’t take any chances. Contact a veterinarian immediately.

Pets are great and eager friends to take along in the nice weather. We hope these tips help you keep your pet safe and happy.

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