5 Amazing Science Experiments to Try at Home

By Jessica Bivins, April 20, 2017, Events & Fun, Family

When it comes to education, one topic that continues to dominate the conversation is the need to get kids more interested and engaged in the sciences. Faced with an increasingly technological world, with more and more workplaces demanding scientific knowledge, parents are eager to see their children enrolled in a curriculum focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Of course, what Mom and Dad want isn’t necessarily what the young student wants!

Getting kids interested in the wonders of science is, for many parents and educators, an ongoing challenge. Too often, the child thinks of science as a difficult and dry subject filled with complex ideas and endless memorization.

5 Amazing Science Experiments to Try at Home | Bounce Energy Blog

The best way to foster tomorrow’s future scientists is to start them young and show them how fun science can be. These five science experiments go beyond the classic baking-soda-and-vinegar volcano, and will ignite your child’s curiosity, leaving them wanting to learn even more.

1. Grow salt crystals

This experiment is a great way to see how minerals, as in caves and the rocks around us, can form. Bring a pot of water to a boil, then add in regular table salt until it forms a layer of crystallized salt in the pot. Then pour the salty water into three to five mason jars. Now, select any item you want — a leaf or a feather works great — and hang it in the salty water using a clothespin on the edge of the mason jar. Let it be, and in about three days the feather or leaf will be encrusted with salt crystals.

2. Turn pennies green

This easy experiment shows the cool side of chemical reactions. Simply fold a paper towel into a square and place it on the bottom of a bowl. Add five to 10 pennies, then fill the bowl with white vinegar so the pennies are covered. Over the next few days, watch as they slowly turn colors. This can spark a lively discussion over what might be causing the pennies to turn green!

5 Amazing Science Experiments to Try at Home | Bounce Energy Blog

3. Add color to flowers

Everyone knows plants need water to grow, and this experiment will give kids a first-hand look at how important water quality is for the health of a plant. First, get four white flowers — daisies, carnations or roses work great. Fill up four glasses with water, then add red food coloring to one, green to another, blue to the third, then yellow in the last. Put a flower in each glass and watch how the dyed water color changes the color of the petals!

4. Create goo that can dance

Has your child ever wondered how sound carries? This experiment is a lesson in how sound waves affect physical matter.

To make the goo, simply mix two cups cornstarch with one cup of water. For an added effect, add a few drops of food coloring. Pour the goo onto a thin cookie sheet and place the cookie sheet on a subwoofer. Download a bass test tone for your subwoofer here and press down on the cookie sheet so the goo can get the full impact of the sound waves. Then watch as the goo starts to dance!

5 Amazing Science Experiments to Try at Home | Bounce Energy Blog

5. Push an egg down a bottle

This is a lesson in air pressure and the truly amazing things that can happen when air pressure changes.

What you’ll need is a medium-sized hard-boiled egg, a bottle with a medium-sized opening (small enough so the egg won’t fall down into it), a piece of paper and a match. With an adult present, light the piece of paper, drop the burning paper into the bottle, then place the bottom of the egg on the mouth of the bottle. The hot air in the bottle will create a vacuum and suck the egg down! How to get it out of the bottle is another question.

We hope these ideas will give you and your children some fun afternoons and lead them to want to discover more about science and the world around them.

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