6 Fun Craft Projects to Do with Your Kids

By Ebony Porter, June 23, 2017, Events & Fun, Family

It’s summertime, and crafting with your kids is a great way to spend a summer afternoon inside the cool AC, when the temps are too high to get out in the sun and hit the pool!

Using a few supplies that you may already have inside the craft or kitchen cupboard, we share ideas and recipes to pass the time, with projects that may become keepsakes long past summers end.

6 Fun Craft Projects to Do with Your Kids | Bounce Energy Blog

1. Start a Nature Journal

Pick up a nice, quality blank journal for your child, and perhaps one for yourself, too! Use this journal to document what you find in nature, or what you may find on a vacation.

Take the journal out into the world along with a small set of pencils, and draw and color what you find on the spot. Be sure and write down what and where you found your natural treasures, along with the date, to keep it all logged!

2. Make an Eye of God

Have you ever seen those woven looking diamonds that are made with wool? These are a simple and beautiful craft to make with your kids, as young as 5 years of age, that don’t require glue.

Use two wooden popsicle sticks and make a cross with them. Then tie the wool around one stick, and make a knot around one of the sticks. Firmly hold the wool and weave up and down and around the cross. Your tight first few weaves will keep the sticks together and in place.

Weaving with the wool with one hand, and turning the wooden cross with the other, make your way around the cross until you begin to see the weaving build. Make stripes throughout your weaving by switching out wool colors every 6-8 rounds. You can also use variegated wool.

When finished, triple wrap the wool around one stick and tie a knot through the immediate few strings of weaving. Give as gifts, save them as Christmas ornaments, or hang them in your window!

3. Make a Paper Mache Mask

Get creative and make a mask to hang on the wall, or to actually wear!

Prepare one equal part of flour with an equal part of water. For example, one cup of flour to one cup of water. Make a paste.

Tear strips of white xerox paper, preferably from the recycling bin, into 1 inch strips. Blow up a balloon. Dip the strips of paper into the paste and layer on until the entire balloon is covered. Two to three layers should be enough, and be sure you are smoothing out the paper as you apply it.

Hang the balloon on a clip in a location that is warm, but not overly humid. Near a fan would be ideal, too.

Allow for two days to dry. Pop the balloon once dried, and cut the round shape in half. You can then cut out eyes and a mouth hole, and add whatever decorations you wish.

Glue on feathers, add glitter, or simply just paint. You could also continue to add more paper mache to your creation adding ears, horns, and other facial features!

6 Fun Craft Projects to Do with Your Kids | Bounce Energy Blog

4. Pressing Flowers

Take a nature walk with your kiddos, and grab a pair of scissors and basket to take along. Pick a few flowers to bring back home with you. Of course, ask permission if you’re cutting from a neighbors house, and don’t take flowers if there are only 1-2 of them left!

Make a flower press by cutting two pieces of plywood no larger than 10 inches square. Drill holes into both layers of plywood large enough to fit a bolt and wing nut. Inside the press, layer pieces of cardboard half an inch around smaller than the plywood.

Also put Kleenex in between each layer of cardboard.

Place the flowers onto the first layer of cardboard and Kleenex, then lay another layer of tissue on top, and repeat the process until all your flowers are secure.

To press them, secure the wing nuts and bolts into each corner and tighten down. Allow them to dry and flatten over the course of 2 or more weeks.

When finished, use them to decorate cards, to make bookmarks, and to include in your nature journal!

5. Natural Dyeing with Turmeric

Gather some old white t-shirts, a few white cloth napkins, or other white items made with natural fibers, and turn them yellow using the natural dye of turmeric!

Mix 4 cups of water to 1/4 cups of salt. Place into a non reactive pot, such as stainless steel, and simmer for one hour. Then drain your fabric and rinse out the pot.

Now mix 2 tablespoons of turmeric with 2 cups of water, and timer for 15 minutes. Allow your fabric to sit in the dye solution overnight. From time to time use a wooden spoon to stir your items so that your dye ends up evenly.

Remove your fabric and rinse well. Throw into the wash, and enjoy your sunny new gear!

6. Sew Some Bunting

Bunting is a great addition to any party, or adds a festive flavor to any room!

Gather up some scrap fabric and a ball of yarn. Cut the scraps into triangles or squares measuring at least 8-9 inches vertically. It’s important they are large enough to be seen from a distance. Take your yarn, and fold it over the yarn. Pin in place. Using a sewing machine, stitch a straight stitch across the top to secure it. Space each flag about 3 inches apart. Sew as long as you like, and enjoy their festive vibe!

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