4 Energy-Efficient Summer Recipes

By Jessica Bivins, July 17, 2017, Energy Efficiency, Recipes

Summer is the perfect time to have fun with your family, but not a great time to heat up your home. Use these four fun and energy efficient summer recipes to keep your family and energy bill cool.

Sweet and Savory Slow Cooker Breakfast Bake

4 Energy-Efficient Summer Recipes | Bounce Energy Blog
Enjoy a more leisurely morning and sit down delicious breakfast with your family. Slow cookers are the perfect energy-efficient way to get a tasty meal without heating up your home. Loaded with sausage, fruit and pecans, this dish will make enough to feed many hungry mouths. Get the recipe here.

Loaded Ranch Chicken Taco Rolls

4 Energy-Efficient Summer Recipes | Bounce Energy Blog

Crescent rolls are the best and fluffiest taco container out there, and their short bake time makes this recipe energy efficient and great for a hungry family. This sweet and savory dish is easy to make for a summer lunch or dinner. Try it here.

Pesto Parmesan & Bacon Deviled Eggs

4 Energy-Efficient Summer Recipes | Bounce Energy Blog

This delicious and protein-filled recipe is a classic with a twist. Deviled eggs can make a great hearty snack or meal to cool off from the summer heat, and it takes little energy to make them as they only require the stove for boiling. Make this recipe here.

Five Natural Popsicle Recipes

4 Energy-Efficient Summer Recipes | Bounce Energy Blog

Popsicles are a perfect summer dessert, and they’re easy to make yourself. Opt for a healthier recipe than you’d find in stores and make your own with fresh fruit. Try these five recipes here.

These summer recipes will keep your home cool and help you save energy while still enjoying a delicious meal. See more energy-efficient and fun recipes here.

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