Best Fried Chicken in Texas

By Jessica Bivins, July 7, 2017, Events & Fun, Family

With its long, varied history, fried chicken has become a staple of American cuisine. The harmony achieved between the crispy crust and the juicy meat is nearly an art form.

American-style fried chicken is going through something of a culinary explosion. People all over the world are craving this delectable dish, and artisanal fried chicken is showing up on hip restaurant menus throughout the country.

But fried chicken is associated with regional, southern cooking for a reason, and we believe you’ll find the very best in Texas. Check out these five places this Thursday, or any day!

Best Fried Chicken in Texas | Bounce Energy Blog

Barbecue Inn, Houston

When you first walk into this legendary eatery, you’ll probably think you’ve stepped back in time. While the ambiance might be outdated to some and charming to others, once you bite through the crispy crust of their southern fried chicken, you’ll be grateful they’ve spent more time perfecting their menu than updating their decor. And if you’re a fan of all-white meat or all-dark meat, you can specify that in your order.

Lucy’s Fried Chicken, Austin

If you’re in Austin and you ask around for fried chicken, it’s unlikely folks will point you anywhere other than Lucy’s, the place many consider the gold standard of fried chicken. With four locations, this is the place to go if you want to really see what’s possible with fried chicken. Lucy’s also offers delectable takes on classic comfort food, such as deep-fried deviled eggs, oysters, pie and more. Come with an empty belly and be prepared to return multiple times.

The Pickett House Restaurant, Woodville

The sign on this family-style restaurant, which is located just outside of a small town in east Texas, says “world famous.” This is a big claim for such a down-home place, but wholly deserved. There is a reason people travel hundreds of miles to feast on their all-you-can-eat fried chicken. That’s right, they serve up their food boarding-house style, meaning the fried chicken keeps coming as long as you keep asking for it.

Best Fried Chicken in Texas | Bounce Energy Blog

Rudy’s Chicken, Dallas

When you serve up chicken this good, lines start to form. Even with its two drive-throughs, there are still lines. That should tell you how good the fried chicken is. It’s hot, made fresh and tastes like the stuff dreams are made of. So load up your phone with some tunes and get ready to stand in line, because once you bite into this chicken, you’ll realize that waiting for it was the best 35 minutes you ever spent.

Mr. and Mrs. G’s Home Cooking, San Antonio

The name of this restaurant says it all. Known for its menu of delicious soul food in a simple, no-frills setting, Mr. and Mrs. G’s serves up home cooking that is probably way better than you’ve ever had at home. The secret to their fried chicken is in the spices used to season the chicken, which sometimes sits in a cooler overnight before getting coated with flour and put in the fryer. The result is a huge burst of flavor unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

If you can’t make it to one of these fried chicken hot spots, there is no shortage of phenomenal chicken to be had in virtually every corner of our state. Did we miss your favorite fried chicken spot? Let us know in the comments!

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