5 Tips to Get Your Kids Prepared to Go Back to School

By Jessica Bivins, August 18, 2017, Family

Getting prepared to send the kids back to school is both a mental and physical exercise. On one end you have all the things you need to buy: new outfits, supplies, backpacks, sports equipment and so forth. On the other end is the mental preparation you need to go through with your children as they get ready for their first day, especially if they are very young.

The biggest challenge, though, is getting your kids to transition from the free days of summer to the structured schedule of the school year.

The following five tips can make that transition smoother so you can help your child’s first few weeks of school go easier.

5 Tips to Get Your Kids Prepared to Go Back to School | Bounce Energy Blog

  1. Get them back on a school-year sleep schedule. As the summer progressed, your kids probably went to sleep later and woke up later. The jolt from a 10 or 11 a.m. wake-up time to a 6 a.m. alarm can be off-putting, and result in some not-so-happy campers. The best strategy to follow is to gradually transition them back to earlier bedtimes and wake-up calls. Over a two- or three-week period, make them go to bed a little earlier each night and wake up a little earlier each morning. That way they’ll be ready to roll out the door with only a minimal amount of grumbling.
  2. Establish a routine. In addition to getting them back on a school-year sleep schedule, it’s important to introduce a degree of structure and routine to your child’s days. This can mean having a set time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or setting aside a time for educational activities in the evening. By getting them used to a schedule again, it will be easier for them to abide by the clock once school begins.
  3. Take them to a museum. Most every parent faces the challenge of trying to make education appear to be fun. Kids can be skeptical about this, but fortunately, there are plenty of museums that are inventive, fun and completely engrossing. Yes, kids will learn a lot at museums, but one of the most important and lasting effects of bringing your child to a museum is that it ignites their curiosity and leaves them with a lot of questions and subjects they want to learn about.

5 Tips to Get Your Kids Prepared to Go Back to School | Bounce Energy Blog

  1. Show your passion for education. Kids learn through example, and as their parent, you are the most significant example they have. Therefore, it’s important that you show your child how excited you are about learning. Talk to them about things they might learn, ask questions and get involved. You might be surprised by what you learn!
  2. Be a resource. Whether it’s first grade or their freshman year of college, virtually every kid is nervous about the beginning of the school year. Encourage them to talk about their worries with you, as doing so is one of the best ways to alleviate their fears. Letting them know you are there for them can really help with the back-to-school transition.

It’s hard to believe another summer is almost over. Your kids might be dreading the return to school (and you’re probably rejoicing), but keeping these tips in mind will make this major life transition a little easier and life at home, and school, a whole lot better.

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