How to Clean Your Living Room Using Green Cleaning Methods

By Ebony Porter, August 15, 2017, Green, Home Improvement

Welcome to Green Cleaning Solutions from Bounce Energy! In this series, we will share our best practices,  favorite tips, and homegrown cleaning recipes – all designed to keep your home clean using environmentally friendly products and methods. We’ll help you skip the gadgets and toss the harsh products by embracing cleaning practices that use items you likely have in your possession already. And you might even save money by creating your own cleaning supplies and keeping it simple!

How to Clean Your Living Room Using Green Cleaning Methods | Bounce Energy Blog

The family room, or living room, is one our most loved rooms in the house. It’s where we entertain, where we convene to decompress, and where we spend a good portion of our ‘awake’ time in the home. As a result, it also gets grimy.

Curtains gather dust, windows get dirty both inside and out from rain and fingerprints, and looking under the couch can be like discovering a toy store, at least in my home anyway.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the living room is perhaps the brain. It’s where we curl up on the couch to read, where we take in a good movie, and where we gather with friends and family to socialize over a nice bottle of wine.

We take a look at how you can spend a Saturday afternoon in your near future and give it a good deep clean so that next time you kick back and relax, you do it in a sparkling clean environment.

We will address the floors last, and be sure and work our way around them so that dust and debris that falls off other items will lastly be scooped up from the floor.

How to Clean Your Living Room Using Green Cleaning Methods | Bounce Energy Blog

Start with the Furniture

In our last installment of Green Cleaning Techniques we profiled ways to clean your furniture, However there are a few added tips we can contribute to leave your furniture clean both on the outside, and in the places we don’t always look.

Our furniture, a place where we lay, lounge, and flop, is also guilty of swallowing up our things, hiding toys, and collecting tons of dirt and dust. Our previous post profiles how to clean leather, cotton, canvas and linen couches and furniture. But let’s really deconstruct the couch to get the dust out.

Remove cushions, and using a vacuum with long narrow attachment, suck all the dust out of the crevices and crannies. While the vacuum is out, now is a good time to go ahead and vacuum where the cushions rest.

To thoroughly clean beneath the couch, ideally move the couch from its location. Use a simple broom and pan to sweep up the dust, or if on carpet, vacuum.

Using a cotton rag or microfiber cloth, wipe around the wheels to pick up extra dust that the broom or vacuum isn’t able to collect.

Take the cushions outside and give them a good whack with a broom! It will dislodge the dust in the cushions.

Cleaning Cushions

Unless your cushions are covered in stains, take them outside for a day in the sunshine.

If the covers are removable, then hand wash them in a sink full of cold water with a gentle soap. You can line dry the covers before putting them back on the pillow forms. Ironing after washing likely won’t be necessary as the pillows will fill out the covers.

Cleaning the Television and Other Surfaces

Don’t use water and a cloth on a television screen but instead, use a cloth that is designated for the surface specifically. Televisions often come with one when purchased new, so store this with your other cleaning items.

Avoid using disposable wipes, which are far from being environmentally friendly, and instead use a cotton cloth or upcycled old jersey cotton t-shirt, to dust tables, the tops of speakers, bookshelves, and other flat surfaces.

You can also use an ostrich feather duster, which is great for dusting. It can be cleaned by shaking the dust outside.

How to Clean Your Living Room Using Green Cleaning Methods | Bounce Energy Blog

Cleaning Curtains, Blinds and Windows

The rain will often dirty up the windows from the outside, and fingerprints and smooshed up faces will dirty up them from the inside. Using a white vinegar solution and a cloth rag, you can clean them up in no time, and without the use of harsh chemicals.

To clean blinds, simply run your feather duster along them, or wipe with a cotton rag. We recommend not wetting the rag, as the culmination of water and dust will make a grey liquid that is more of a hassle to clean up.

To clean your curtains, which ideally should be done once a year, first check to see that they are washable. Some curtains require dry cleaning. In the case of dry clean only, take them down and spot clean them. You can also give them a wave outside to dislodge dust.

For curtains that are safe to wash, select cold water on your washer with a gentle cycle. Also, use gentle soap and avoid bleach. Rather than drying them in the dryer, which uses electricity and risks the curtains shrinking, line dry them in the breeze and sun. You can iron them to get their crisp look back.

Cleaning Rugs

Use a silent sweeper to clean your area rugs. If your rug is able to be washed, then consider laying it in the driveway, and using a gentle brush with gentle soap, scrub the carpet yourself. This is a far cheaper option than taking it to be professionally cleaned. You can also get the kids involved! Move it to a new dry location in the driveway and let Mother Nature dry your carpet before bringing it back inside.

Cleaning Floors

Give your floors a simple sweep with the broom to pick up all the dirt and dust once each task above has been tackled. Depending on what your floor is made of, glance back to one of our previous posts to see how you can clean your floors, while keeping the environment in mind.

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