How to Get Organized for Back to School

By Jessica Bivins, August 9, 2017, Family

Even if they’re too cool to admit it, kids love back-to school season. It’s an exciting time full of new friends and new stuff. However, it’s also a time that can wreak havoc on your wallet and stress level. Before the frenzy of back to school kicks into gear,  Take advantage of this time and get things at home organized for a productive school year.

How to Get Organized for Back to School | Bounce Energy Blog

Do a mega clothing inventory. Before you replenish your child’s back to school wardrobe, it’s time to decide what stays and what goes. Go through all the clothing in your child’s drawers and closets, setting aside outgrown and worn items. Don’t forget easily overlooked essentials like socks, shoes, underthings and jackets. Organize these items in four piles: keep, sell, donate or toss. Then, make a list of what your kids need for the school year, so your shopping trip stays on track (and on budget).

Prepare to study. Even at a young age, most children bring home at least some homework in their folders at the end of the school day. Create a cozy, quiet, well-lit space where they can concentrate and get their work done. If it must be done at the kitchen table, stock a portable caddie with compartments and drawers to keep their supplies organized and in one place, and don’t forget the pencil sharpener! Make sure everyone else in the family respects your child’s need for quiet during this time.

How to Get Organized for Back to School | Bounce Energy Blog

Organize your supplies. Investing in an over the door shoe organizer for your supply closet is an easy and fuss-free way to keep smaller-sized items sorted and easy to find (glue sticks can go in one pocket, water color paints in another, and so on). In that same storage closet, larger items, like notebooks, extra three-ring binders and folders, can be neatly stacked on shelves. That way, you’ll be ready for anything and you know that you don’t need to go out and buy these supplies.

Get in command of your time. Keep that mess of papers and reminders off your fridge, and dedicate some wall space for a family command center. This can include a large calendar with super-sized squares so all the activities, practices and events are listed in one place. This will also be the place for all those flyers, party invitations, book order forms and permission slips that inevitably come out of your child’s backpack. Reserve other spaces for something like a hall of fame bulletin board to showcase your child’s finest work!

How to Get Organized for Back to School | Bounce Energy Blog

Delegate lunch packing to the kids! Are the kiddos old enough to pack their own lunches? Help them get started by posting a large, colorful checklist of what every lunchbox needs to have. Beneath the categories (entrées, fruit, vegetables and snacks) list five to six options (turkey sandwiches, leftover soup, baby carrots, grapes) so they can mix and match, and arrive at school with full lunchboxes.

Speaking of lunch, what’s for dinner? As the lazy summer days fade and those crazy fall schedules heat up, good meal planning is key to keeping the family’s energy going (while saving your waistline, and wallet, from those last-minute trips to the drive through). Check out our recipes for fun, fresh takes on delicious meals and snacks!

Getting organized will keep you sane throughout the school year, but it also sends a strong example to your kids to keep their space organized and in order. In the long run, getting organized around a consistent routine sends a good message: that education is important business.

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