DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Whole Family

By Ebony Porter, February 14, 2018, Events & Fun, Family

The day where folks rush to the shops to purchase candy, jewelry, and flowers for their one true love shouldn’t be kept just for couples. The real story of Saint Valentine itself has nothing to do with commercialism and buying gifts.

So why not embrace Valentine’s Day as a sweet day to connect with your entire family, and do things together where DIY crafts, intentions, and time together are braided into one sweet, magical moment?

Check out these ideas for ways to spend February 14th with your sweetie pies, both young and old.

1. The Story of Saint Valentine

Light some candles and gather around before dinner to tell the true story of Saint Valentine. Who is this celebrated Saint of February?

Perhaps the one to read the story can cloak himself in a red cape, or pin a rose behind her ear. Make the story telling meaningful, and put purpose behind this day when folks send valentines and pour out their hearts out to the ones they love.

DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Whole Family | Bounce Energy Blog

2. Make Cookies For Your Sweet Tooth

Opt out of those store bought boxes of chocolates and other sugary items by baking a batch of valentine cookies to embrace the sweetness of the day.

Ingredients chosen can be organic, and much healthier than store bought items, which are often loaded with preservatives to extend shelf life.

Think of buttery shortbread cookies with a dollop of strawberry jam on the side, or sugar cookies cut into the shape of hearts, arrows, or roses.

Decorate with white, red or pink icing, and don’t forget the fun little silver, white, red or pink sprinkles!

3. Take a Valentine’s Hike for a Bouquet of Beauty

It is the tail end of winter, and the air outside is likely still crisp. Mosquitos haven’t returned yet, and it’s a perfect time to bundle up and take a trail walk with the family.

Skip the traditional bouquet of roses or carnations, and opt to bring your secateurs along for the hike. Gather a bunch of evergreen boughs, or some stark winter branches to make a beautiful organic bouquet for the dining room table.

The act of gathering foliage is romantic in it’s own right. Their story makes it all that more romantic!

DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Whole Family | Bounce Energy Blog

4. Plant a Rose Bush

Some of my most memorable Valentine’s Day gifts happen to be rose bushes my husband has bought for me. I plant them in the ground, and watch them bloom for 5-6 months out of the year, as opposed to enjoying the blooms of a bouquet for a mere week.

Take your kids down to the local nursery, and have them pick out a rose bush for Mom!

Turn it into a tradition, trying a new variety or color each year. Make it even sweeter by planting it for her the weekend after Valentine’s Day.

5. Dip Your Own Strawberries

Store bought chocolate strawberries? No way. Take this opportunity to get messy with your kids in the kitchen, and put small hands to work!

Young children can help by washing the strawberries, and drying them on a towel.

With older kids, use a double boiler to melt the chocolate chips. Remove the melted pot of chocolate from the stove top, and carefully show your little ones how to dip the strawberries half way into the chocolate and set out on a plate lined with either parchment or wax paper. Enjoy for dessert!

DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Whole Family | Bounce Energy Blog

6. Host a Poetry Hour

The messages inside Valentines aren’t always gooey and overly romantic. They are sometimes just messages of appreciation, or a simple note to say “I Love You.”

Sit down with your family, and do something akin to an exquisite corpse, but poetry style.

Fold a piece of paper into horizontal sections. Start with one line, about the family such as a simple thought or description, then fold that over so the next person can’t see what was written. Then fold it, and pass it to the next person.

Go around 3-4 times, until everyone has had a chance to write something different. By the end you will have an accordion like fold with a list of everyone’s poetic lines.

When it’s finished, unfold the paper and read from the top down! The poem will likely be hilarious, and each line will distinctly sound like the person who wrote it. Treasure the words, and make them your family’s valentine letter for that year.

Leave the boxed chocolates, the busy restaurants, the expensive bouquets of flowers, and the store bought cards behind this year as you build your very own DIY Valentine’s Day with your family.

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