Top 10 Unique DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

By Ebony Porter, May 10, 2018, Events & Fun, Family

The day we celebrate our beautiful mothers is just around the corner. For all they’ve done for us, what if we show them how we feel by giving them a unique gift straight from the heart with something made by our own hands or an experience she’ll remember forever?

Homemade gifts are the best, and can also be pulled off with little cost and speedy delivery. Homemade also means they’re much more personalized.

This Mother’s Day, use one of our favorite unique DIY gifts to show Mom just how much she means to you.

Top 10 Unique DIY Mother's Day Gifts | Bounce Energy Blog

1. A Mother’s Day Picnic

Moms just want to spend time with their kids on Mother’s Day. Throw together a basket full of olives, cheese, crackers, veggies, hummus, drinks and a blanket and take her on a lunch picnic.

If dinner is already planned, then how about a sunset date with dessert and wine? This excursion is easy, affordable, and something she will remember.

2. Garden or Forest Bouquet

Skip the overpriced and often generic bouquet of flowers at the grocery store, and opt for some flowers and greenery from your own garden. You can wrap them in a piece of tissue paper and hold them together with twine or ribbon. Attach a small note from your bow.

3. Give An Experience

What is your mother into, or what is something she has said she’d like to try?

An easy yet meaningful gift is to write in her card with a “coupon” for an experience to happen on a future date. Think of something like a clay or origami workshop.

Or what about including her in your own activities or hobbies? You could write something like, “This coupon entitles you to one afternoon with me in the kayak,” or “This coupon entitles you to 2 hand wash car washes.” Make it something she can use and experience.

4. Write Her a Poem

Have you ever written a poem about your mother? She will absolutely love it. Sit down with a hot cup of tea, and ponder over pen and paper some sweet sentiments about her. You could present it to her in an attractive way by writing it beautifully on some watercolor paper, and painting a wash of color around it. Size it to a 5×7 inch of 8×10 inch so she can frame it, if she likes.

5. Make Her a Music Mix

Whether you’re still listening to music on CD’s or have moved to a streaming service, find your way to make Mom a music mix she will love.

Consider the era in which she grew up and which bands she loves. Mix songs from there with your favorite songs of today. Think of it as an audio weaving in which you’re braiding together her music with yours.

Top 10 Unique DIY Mother's Day Gifts | Bounce Energy Blog

6. A Tiny Herb Garden

A bowl shaped terra-cotta pot, some dirt, and 4-5 herbs won’t cost much. But they’ll certainly last longer than a cut bunch of flowers.

Make your mother up a small garden that she can smell, enjoy, and cook with. Choose herbs to suit the types of cooking she does, such as basil and parsley if she loves Italian, and perhaps Thai basil if she’s is more into Asian cooking.

7. Handy Man/Woman for a Day

How about giving her a coupon for your services for one full day? Sure every son or daughter should be at their mother’s service, but time restraints get in the way.

From fixing a leaky faucet to painting a room to getting her car oil changed, offer your services to help mom tie up loose ends around the house or get a project finished.

8. Homemade Book

Make a simple book for mom, and fill it with great memories you’ve had about her over the years.

Grab some cardboard or watercolor paper, and fold the pieces so they make a decent sized book. On the fold, you can punch a few holes, and bind it with wool or string.

Inside the book, make each page like a miniature scrap book. Write a memory, then decorate it with paint, glitter, or cut out pictures from a magazine to make a collage. You’ll need a little time for this meaningful project, but it will be something beautifully authentic, and made on a dime.

9. An Evening of Streaming

This really doesn’t cost anything, but will make for a really memorable night. How about you have Mom over one Friday night, and binge watch your favorite shows? Or maybe you want to catch up on romantic comedies you haven’t seen in a while?

Get some popcorn or chips and queso for a snack, too!

10. A Tour of Your Own City

Isn’t it true that we often don’t see the landmarks in our own town? Pick mom up for a date in your car, and visit 2-3 of the city’s landmarks you’ve both had on your bucket list yet haven’t seen. Maybe it something as simple as watching the bat colony fly out from under the bridge, visiting the capitol, or taking a cruise down the river. You’ll never forget that time you and your mother toured your own town.

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