Bounce Energy, a Texas Electricity Company, Prepares Consumers for 2011 Hurricane Season

June 2, 2011 - Gulf Coast residents know that hurricanes are a possibility every summer and fall. The memories of Ike, Katrina and Rita are still fresh for millions of us, and we all know that the best defense is a plan, whether it is to shelter in place or evacuate. With this in mind, Bounce Energy, a Texas electricity company, has created a 2011 Hurricane Preparedness Guide and video to help residents throughout the Gulf Coast prepare for the 2011 Hurricane Season.

For Gulf Coast residents, planning ahead of time is crucial to staying safe and prepared during the hurricane season. Inside the Bounce Energy 2011 Hurricane Season Preparedness Guide, readers will find a 2011 hurricane tracking map. If you live on the coast, it's important to keep tabs and track hurricanes that can be headed your way. Many hurricanes can be predicted and mapped before the hurricane makes landfall. This allows residents to get out of the storm's path.

Also included in the hurricane kit is an emergency plan explaining what to do in the event that your family will need to evacuate and important items to have on hand. Whether residents are staying put at home or evacuating, it's best to prepare a kit of essential things that will be needed for all members of a family or evacuation crew. The kit lists important documents to keep in a secure place and information on selecting an insurance plan specifically for hurricanes or floods.

Bounce Energy provides many important resources for additional information on hurricane related news. Consumers will find links to evacuation maps, where to report electricity outages, FEMA's emergency check list, and more. The guide also lists important numbers for hurricane-prone areas in the event that residents need to call in an emergency situation.

Bounce Energy strives to inform not only their customers but every consumer who will be impacted by hurricanes this year. Past hurricanes have destroyed many coastal towns and cities and have taken many lives during their path of destruction. Bounce Energy's 2011 Hurricane Season Preparedness Guide will help consumers prepare for this year's hurricane season.

About Bounce Energy

Bounce Energy is a privately-owned and full-service Texas electric company based in Houston. It is one of the fastest growing electric companies in Texas with a goal of providing more than low Texas electric rates to its customers. With innovative and flexible plans, excellent customer service, and superior customer rewards, Bounce Energy offers a unique approach to Texas electric service.