February Cold Fronts Bring Higher March Electricity Bills

Homeowners Living in the Oncor, CenterPoint, TNMP, AEP North and AEP Central Service Areas Should Anticipate an Increase in Their Texas Electricity Bill Due to the Cold Front That Passed the State During February; Bounce Energy Has Provided Videos to Help Educate Customers About What to Expect and How to Be More Energy Efficient During the Cold Weather Months.

Texas electricity customers who reside in the Oncor, CenterPoint, TNMP, AEP North and AEP Central service areas experienced severe cold weather the week of January 31, 2011. The cold weather brought snow, ice, and caused temperatures to drop into the teens and single digits. Because of the cold weather, customers should keep in mind that the use of electric heating equipment, furnace fans, or hot water heaters can increase electric consumption causing their electricity bill to rise. To help electricity customers, Bounce Energy, a Texas electricity company, provides three videos to help customers understand their cold weather energy bills.

The cause of higher electricity usage during the winter season could be due to the cold weather, age and efficiency level of the customers' heating equipment, the amount of insulation in homes and buildings, and the thermostat level customers choose to maintain to remain comfortable. An average 1,400 to 1,800 square foot home with electrical heating equipment can easily use nearly three times the kilowatts per hour for heating in the winter than cooling in the summer.

To help customers understand the increase in their cold weather electricity bills, Bounce Energy has provided three videos that can be accessed on their YouTube channel. "Why is My Texas Electricity Bill So High During Cold Months?" thoroughly explains how consumers' electricity bills can increase when the temperatures decrease. "How to Read your Texas Electricity Meter" teaches home owners how to read their Texas electricity meter and covers analog and digital Smart Meters. "10 Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bill" gives residents tips on ways to be energy efficient in order to save money on their energy bill during the winter.

About Bounce Energy:

Bounce Energy is a privately-owned and full-service retailer of electricity in Texas, offering affordable, comprehensive and innovative plans to help customers easily manage their electricity service. As one of the fastest growing Texas electric companies, Bounce Energy differentiates by providing "more than electricity" -- with a superior rewards program, additional consumer-centric offers, a surplus of customer service touch points such as the Bounce Energy YouTube channel. The Bounce Energy YouTube channel serves as a knowledge database for educating consumers about energy efficiency and Texas electricity. It also helps current Bounce Energy customers understand their electricity bill as well as be informed about the company's involvement within the community.