Bounce Energy Refer-a-Friend Terms and Conditions

Bounce Energy Refer a Friend Program Terms and Conditions

Participation in and use of the Bounce Energy Refer-a-Friend program (“The Program”) is subject to the following Terms and Conditions (“Program Terms.”) The Program pertains specifically to current Bounce Energy residential customers (“Participant(s)”) referring new residential electricity customers (“Customer(s)”) in Texas markets where electric competition is available and where Bounce Energy is a Residential Electricity Service Provider. If you have any questions about the Program Terms or any other policies or terms applicable to your involvement in the Program, please e-mail Bounce Energy at

Participants in the Refer-a-Friend Program

Participants must be in good standing to be eligible to participate in the Program. To be considered in good standing, the Participant must have an active residential account with Bounce Energy and be current on all payments. Bounce Energy reserves the right to terminate a Participants participation in the Program or cancel the Program at any time for any reason or no reason, to the extent permitted by law, upon written notice to Participants. Any written notices required or permitted to be given by Bounce Energy hereunder may be delivered by email. By participating in the Program, you consent to delivery of all Program-related notices and information by email to the email address you have registered within your Bounce Energy MyAccount and acknowledge that you have the necessary equipment (hardware and software) to receive and read such emails.

Qualified Referrals and Rewards

For purposes of the Program, a qualified referral must be a new Bounce Energy customer. New customer is defined as someone that is neither 1) a current or pending residential electricity customer of Bounce Energy or 2) a person who was a residential electricity customer of Bounce Energy within 90 days prior to the date of enrollment with Bounce Energy. In addition, a qualified referral must satisfy all Bounce Energy enrollment requirements including; a) enroll with Bounce Energy either through the website or with a Bounce Energy call center agent through the Bounce Energy toll-free Call Center line and provide a valid Referral ID code when placing the order, b) remain a Bounce Energy customer in good standing for at least 90 consecutive days and make 3 consecutive, on time bill payments to Bounce Energy. Eligible participants and qualified referrals will each receive a $50 bill credit. Bill credits will at no time be redeemable for a cash refund. The amount Bounce Energy is offering may be changed by Bounce Energy at any time prior to enrollment of a qualified referral without notice to you or your referrals. The Bounce Energy Refer-a-Friend Program page in Bounce Energy MyAccount will contain up-to-date information regarding Bounce Energy’s current offer. By participating in the Program, you agree that Bounce Energy shall make the final determination as to whether a person meets all requirements to be considered a qualified referral. Bill Credits earned shall only be applied to the kWh usage portion of the Participants Bounce Energy electricity bill. Program bill credits shall not be applied to amounts owed on applicable taxes and/or fees portion of the bill.

Program Use

Bounce Energy will provide you with access to the Program, which you may use to track your referrals and rewards with respect thereto; provided that your use of the Program is strictly subject to the Program Terms. Bounce Energy is not obligated to, and will not, release to you the reasons why a referral has not been deemed a qualified referral.

CAN-SPAM Act Compliance

Bounce Energy complies with the federal CAN-SPAM Act and honors requests of consumers and customers who choose to opt out of receiving Bounce Energy marketing emails. Accordingly, if you designate a referral email address that has previously opted out of receiving Bounce Energy marketing emails, you may be advised that the email address is not eligible to be sent a Bounce Energy Refer-a-Friend email.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, you agree that you will comply with the customer confidentiality provisions set forth in Rule 25.472 of the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Independent Contractor Relationship.

Your participation in the Program does not authorize you to act on Bounce Energy’s, its parent's or their respective affiliates' behalf. Nothing herein is intended or will be construed to constitute or imply a joint venture, employer-employee relationship, partnership or association between you and Bounce Energy, its parent or their respective affiliates. By participating in the Program, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk and as an independent contractor and that Bounce Energy is not directing how you perform your obligations hereunder.


Other than with respect to materials provided in connection with your participation in the Program, your status as a Participant in the Program does not entitle you to use any trademarks, copyrighted materials, patents, names, logos or other intellectual property owned or licensed by Bounce Energy, its parent or each of their respective affiliates.


By participating in the Program, you agree to and will indemnify and hold Bounce Energy, its parent and each of their respective affiliates harmless from and against any and all damages, costs, expenses, claims or liabilities of any kind, including third party claims, whether pending or threatened, including without limitation, attorneys' fees and court costs, incurred by any of them arising out of or related to your participation in the Program or breach of these Program Terms.


These Program Terms may be altered, changed, modified or assigned by Bounce Energy at any time by providing notice to you. Your participation in the Program at any time after Bounce Energy provides you such notice of changes will constitute your agreement to such changes

Other Terms and Conditions

These Program Terms are in addition to and do not in any way limit or alter Bounce Energy MyAccount terms other terms and conditions or agreements pursuant to which Bounce Energy allows you to participate in the Program and/or use Bounce Energy MyAccount.

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