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This might come as a big surprise to many of you, but deregulation has provided Texas residents with the power to choose exactly the sort of Texas electricity plan you want for your home or business. Want an even bigger surprise? The better Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) in Texas provide the widest possible variety of plans so that you can choose the plan that best meets your needs.

  • Looking for a way to pay a specific rate for your electricity usage of a set amount of time? Check out a fixed rate plan!
  • Would you rather not have a contract so that you can switch between companies at your convenience and pay market rates when they fluctuate in the consumer's favor? You're probably in the market for a variable rate, month-to-month plan!
  • Maybe you want to have all the power in your hands and pick exactly what you want in an electricity plan? You'll love Build Your Own Plan!

Fixed Rate Electricity Plans

People like stability, especially when it comes to their budget and bills. They like to know exactly what they're paying each month for their electricity, water, gas, and other expenses. When you choose a fixed rate Texas electric plan, you will receive a set rate for your electricity usage that will be constant throughout the length of your contract term. This rate represents the price for electricity that a REP has secured on the energy market for a given length of time; thus, by choosing this plan and rate, you can be assured that the rate will not change, since the company has already purchased the electricity at that rate.

The biggest advantage with enrolling in a fixed rate plan is that the constant rate you're paying for this plan protects you against fluctuations in the Texas electricity market during the duration of your contract. This is a key consideration when you live in a state like Texas that experiences big temperature extremes for a long period of time. It's why many customers select a plan length that insulates them from higher rates during summer and winter, putting their contract renewal date at a time of year that will provide for better rates.

Some people don't like fixed rate plans (especially the extra long-term ones) because they won't be able to reap the benefits when prices on the electricity market drop. Specifically, if you were on a 12-month fixed rate plan, your rate wouldn't drop in a month when prices were lower than usual. This can be frustrating or confusing when you see a new rate advertised that's lower than yours, but you can at least rest assured that your rate will not change for the life of your contract.

  • PRO: Your constant rate protects you against rising energy costs during the duration of your contract.
  • CON: With your rate locked in, you don't have the ability to take advantage of falling rates when they occur during the course of your contract.

Variable Rate Electricity Plan

Maybe you're the adventurous sort who likes playing the market to get the best possible rate for your electricity. You could also be someone who's been burned before by the fine print in a contract. In either case, you're probably interested in a month-to-month agreement, and for the vast majority of REPs in Texas, this will be a variable-rate plan. Electricity plans of this nature have rates that fluctuate on a regular basis, based on price shifts in the electricity market.

With a variable rate electricity plan, you will receive the benefit of a drop in price that might occur during a billing cycle. Your friends in a fixed-rate plan will be stuck paying a higher rate for electricity, while you're paying a lower rate because you chose to ride the waves of the electricity market.

But the flip side to this situation is that you could get stuck with a really high rate on occasion because of market fluctuations. This typically occurs during extreme temperature months: since people are using more electricity in the summer and winter to alternately cool or heat their homes, demand outpaces supply, and this drives up the price above what your friends with fixed-rate plans might be paying.

  • PRO: You can take advantage of rates when they drop on a month-to-month basis.
  • CON: Your rate may rise from month-to-month, usually during extreme temperature months.

Build Your Own Energy Plan

We've been talking about how deregulation in Texas gives you as the consumer the power to choose the electricity plan that you feel is best for your home or business. But what if I told you that Bounce Energy wanted to expand your powers into new and interesting directions? With our first-of-its-kind “Build Your Own Plan,” we can firmly state that “Power to choose is cool, but power to create is better.”

Through this unique platform, you can choose exactly what you want from your electricity plan. Options include:

  • Plan Type (fixed-rate or variable-rate)
  • Plan Length (3 to 36 months for fixed-rate plans)
  • Payment Options (Auto Pay or manual)
  • Billing Options (paperless or paper bill mailed to you)
  • Percentage of Green Energy in your Texas Electricity
  • Rewards Program

    Bounce Energy is the only REP that offers you this fully customizable energy plan experience, so we are really excited to provide this to all available Texas customers.

    Contracts and Terms

    Every REP that operates in Texas offers different forms of rate plans, though most offer some basic form of variable-rate plan and fixed-rate plan. It is crucial to understand what type of plan you are signing up for before making the decision, so be sure to ask the REP offering the plan(s) you like for any corresponding documents to help you learn everything you need to make an informed decision. You will need to request the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to learn more about the plan details, rates, and charges breakdown, while the Terms and Conditions will provide an explanation of the agreements and contractual obligations of the customer and REP.

    Bounce Energy can always provide these documents and explanations with ease to any customer who might be interested in our services. Contact our award-winning Customer Service at or 1-888-452-6862 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

    You have the power and ability to choose exactly what sort of electricity plan you want for your home or business in Texas. As a wise man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Get educated so that you know exactly what you're choosing and why.

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