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Money Saving Tips

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  • Combine your cable, internet and telephone services. Most companies are now offering new bundle packages that not only cost you less, but also offer you the convenience of a single bill. Shop and Compare different offers at Bounce Energy Connections.
  • When shopping for new vehicles, consider the most fuel efficient vehicle. This will save you money in the long run.
  • When buying new appliances always check for the Energy Star rating. Comparing this feature can save you money over the course of your appliance use (
  • If you only need a book for a short period of a time check it out at the library instead of buying one. Only buy books you will refer to on a regular basis over your lifetime.


  • Try carpooling or catching a bus. Not only do you save money on gas, you also produce less harmful emissions. Also if more people were to carpool it would cause less congestion which cost Americans $78 billion in wasted fuel.
  • Keeping your car engine tuned and tires inflated to the proper pressure can save you up to $100 a year in gas.
  • Compare prices of local gas stations around you and choose the one with the lowest price. Doing this can save you hundreds of dollars a year. (
  • Public Transportation has its advantages and can save you money. For example:
    1. You can save on gas, maintenance costs, parking fees, tolls and parking tickets.
    2. Less chances of getting into an accident in your personal vehicle.
  • Buy Gasoline during the coolest time of day, when it is densest. When buying gas you are measured on volume not denseness of the gasoline. Doing this can help with gas mileage thus saving you money on gas.


  • Making your monthly credit card payments and avoiding the $30-35 late fee charge can save you money.
  • Use only the ATMs of your bank or credit union to avoid having the $2-3 withdrawal fee per week which can lead to more than $150 a year.
  • Use automatic transfer from your checking to savings accounts. Almost all banks now, with permission, transfer funds from your checking account to a savings account monthly.


  • Buy rechargeable batteries and a battery charger instead of disposable batteries. Most rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times.
  • Cut worn out clothes, bedding and towels into small squares and use them as cleaning rags to save money.
  • Reuse old water bottles rather than recycling and buying new water bottles continuously. Many grocery stores now have filtered water vending machines where you fill up to about 30 cents per gallon.
  • When printing choose the double sided print option if possible.

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