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How to Read & Understand Your Texas Electricity Bill

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The following is a list of terms that you may find on your Bounce Energy bill.

Monthly Service Fee
Flat fee applied each month with usage under 2,000 kilowatt (kWh) used. Fee covers meter reading, equipment and customer service

Recurring Charges
Identifies and itemizes any recurring charges other than for electric service.

Non-Recurring Charges
Identifies and itemizes any non-recurring charges such as late fees, returned check fees, restoration of service fees or other fees disclosed in Bounce Energy's terms of service contract that is provided to the customer.

Total Current Charges
Balances from the preceding bill, payments made since the preceding bill, total amount due and a check box for the customer to voluntarily donate money to the bill payment assistance program.

Late Payment Penalty
A one-time penalty of not more than 5% may be charged on a delinquent bill. Outstanding delinquent balances cannot be re-penalized.

Local Sales Tax
Sales tax that is collected by your city.

Gross Receipts Tax (GRT)
The GRT is a tax by the State of Texas on retail sellers of electricity. The GRT is imposed on retail sellers making sales to customers in incorporated cities or towns with populations greater than 1,000 and ranges from .581% to 1.997%. This tax reimbursement is applicable regardless of customer tax status.

Electric Service Identifier (ESIID)
The unique number given to your place of residence by ERCOT. Bounce Energy use this number to ensure that you receive the correct service.

Meter Number
This is the serial number of the meter recording your kilowatt-hour usage.

The kind of meter your house and/or business utilizes.

Multiplier (Multi)
The number your meter is multiplied by to get the correct amount of usage.

Current Read
The meter reading at the end of the billing cycle.

Previous Read
Meter reading to begin the start of a new billing cycle.

Bill Period
The start and end of your billing cycle which can vary due to the length of the billing period/month. Your bill period can range from 28 to 31 days depending on the month.

The amount of electricity you used is measured in kilowatt hours.
Calculated: Current Reading - Previous reading = Usage

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PUC Utility Assessment (PUCA) Fee:
Retailer sellers of electricity incur this fee. The state of Texas charges the PUCA on retail sellers equal to one-sixth of one percent of the charges on the seller's bill to customers, excluding sales tax.

Kilowatt-hours (kWh)
A measurement of energy equal to one kilowatt (kW) of power for a one-hour duration. This is the amount of electricity providers charge you on your bill for each billing period.

Bill Payment Assistance Program
(More Information on the Bottom Right of Your Bounce Energy Bill)
The Bill Payment Assistance Program was placed by the PUC, so when a customer contacts Bounce Energy and indicates inability to pay a bill or a need for assistance with the bill payment, Bounce Energy can help the customer in need. If a customer calls in need of assistance, Bounce Energy can now inform the customer of all applicable payment options and payment assistance programs that are offered by or available. Examples of these programs are: bill payment assistance, deferred payment plans, disconnection moratoriums for the ill or low-income energy assistance programs.

Bounce Energy is required to provide an annual report on June 1st to the commission summarizing amount of customer donations, amount of money set aside for bill payment assistance, the assistance agency or agencies selected to disburse funds to residential customers, and amount of money disbursed.

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