"BE Green" with Eco-Friendly Services from Bounce Energy

Improve your energy efficiency, and show your love for the environment!

Weekly Usage Emails

Bounce Energy's Weekly Usage Email can show you exactly when you're using the most energy.

Each week, we email your estimated kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage to you, so you'll know how much energy you have used and when you used it.

Our weekly usage email features:

  • the daily average estimated cost of kWh usage
  • a look at your month-to-date kWh usage
  • a billing estimate based on your usage
  • a daily view of your usage with a temperature chart
  • a collection of energy efficiency tips to help you save money on your electricity bill.

Make It Green

Power your home with 100% green energy from Bounce Energy

Our Make It Green program helps you support clean energy sources for only $5/month.

When you sign up, we purchase renewable energy credits on your behalf, which helps develop clean energy sources like:

  • wind
  • hydro
  • biomass
  • solar energy

Paperless Billing

Bounce Energy's Paperless Billing program makes it easy for our customers to go green!

Sign up for paperless billing and we'll let you know via email when your electricity bill is ready to view.

You can review your current bill and get access to past bills anytime, anywhere. Cut the clutter out of your life and help the environment!

Auto Pay

Easily go green with Bounce Energy's Auto Bill Pay.

Opt into Auto Pay and say goodbye to checks, stamps, and late payments!

We'll draft your bill payment electronically on your due date every month. Live greener and enjoy earning rewards with on-time payments!

Bounce Back Energy Savings

Bounce Back Energy Savings

When you opt into Bounce Back Energy Savings, we'll send you alerts via email, text message, and MyAccount to remind you to reduce your usage during a "Peak Event."

If you've lowered your energy use to the level we request, you'll receive a 5% bill discount on your next electricity bill.

Not only will you save money, but you'll help the Texas electricity grid when it needs it the most!

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