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Compare Reliant Energy to Bounce Energy

Are you currently a Reliant Energy customer? Maybe you're trying to decide between Bounce Energy and Reliant Energy? With a side-by-side comparison that includes plans, rates, rewards, technology, and more, we can help you learn why Bounce Energy is the right choice for you!

  • Customer Satisfaction: With our attention to detail regarding customer concerns, we've received top ratings from J.D. Power and Associates, Texas Electricity Ratings, and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Rewards: Our industry-leading reward programs offer gift cards, airline miles, cash back, and so much more - all because you simply pay your electricity bill on time.
  • No Unnecessary Fees: Unlike many of our competitors, we don't assess any extra fees if you happen to call or e-mail Customer Service with a question.
  • Best Social Media Presence and Technology: You can contact us easily via e-mail, chat, Facebook, Twitter, and, no matter where you are, our MyAccount platform lets you view your account information on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Bounce Energy vs. Reliant Energy

Feature Bounce Reliant
Customer Satisfaction
Bounce Energy has been rated 5 out of 5 by Texas residents in J.D. Power in the past.
Your choice of one of our valuable rewards programs!
No Unnecessary Fees
Reliant charges $5.95 to call customer service whereas Bounce never charges our customers to call our customer service.
Best Social Media
Stay in touch with us through social media for discounts, promo codes and prizes.
Refer a Friend Program
For each friend you refer using your unique code, you'll get a $50 off your Bounce bill.
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Sign up today by creating your own plan. it's simple, fast and easy. and it's all yours. You can't do that with Reliant.

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Send us your most recent electricity bill from Reliant Energy & we'll show you how to save by making the switch to Bounce Energy.

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Find out how much you can save by switching to Bounce Energy from Reliant.

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Plan Types and Charges

Rewards Program

Refer-a-Friend Program

Locked in a Contract?


Unparalleled Plan Choice with Bounce Energy

Bounce Energy takes electricity choice in Texas seriously. Since the energy market in Texas is deregulated, customers have the ultimate decision to the retail electric provider they use for their home and/or business. We want to honor your ability to make the choice that best fits your personal needs, so we feel that it makes sense to offer you a wide spectrum of plan options.

  • Bounce provides customers the opportunity to lock in a great rate for your electricity for 3 through 36 months. For those looking to go green, Bounce offers 6 and 12 months with 100% renewable energy.
  • We also offer variable-rate plans for those who want to take advantage of fluctuating energy prices. There are several month-to-month plans, none of which require a contract or termination fee.

With Bounce You Can Build Your Own Plan

Since we like to give you options, we even offer you the chance to "Build Your Own Energy Plan" - a first-of-its-kind service in the electricity market! You have the power to choose your own plan on your own terms. You're able to customize your plan by length, type of energy, paperless and other green billing, and rewards. Click here to start building you own plan!

Don't Let the Nest Plan Eat Your Nest Egg

Reliant offers a range of specialty plans that look really attractive with cool perks, but you should really be on the lookout for the curious math in those special plans! For instance, The Reliant Learn & Conserve 24 offers a Nest Learning Thermostat as part of a package deal, but you'd save more money just buying a Nest yourself and getting a 24-month fixed-rate plan with Bounce at a cheaper rate. So, be aware of those fun plans that offer great gifts along with higher rates that pay for those gifts.

Additional Fees

With Reliant, there is a minimum monthly usage fee of $9.95 on all traditional energy plans. This fee can be waived for customers who use more than 800 kWh in a billing cycle. The Reliant Monthly Flex Texas 100% Wind plan has a $5.00 Base Charge that cannot be waived, no matter what your usage might be.

With Bounce, our plans have a monthly service that is waived if you use over 2,000 kWh in a billing cycle. The fee is $2.95 if you use between 1,000-1,999 kWh in a billing cycle, $6.95 if you use between 250 - 999 kWh in a billing cycle, and $9.95 if you use between 0 - 249 kWh in a billing cycle. The exceptions are our Thrifty Saver and Organic Power Promotional plans - the $6.95 monthly service fee isn't waived for either of these plans.

If you're a Reliant Energy customer and you ever need to call their customer service line, be prepared to see a $5.95 customer service fee on your next bill. With Bounce Energy, you never have to worry about customer service fees. You can contact us any way you'd like, over the phone, email, or online, and never have to worry about seeing additional customer service fees on your next bill.

When you choose us, we provide the Bounce Energy Promise that you will not be charged any deceptive fees and we'll work hard to keep you as a customer.

Earn Rewards When You Pay Your Electricity Bill

Simply put, Reliant Energy does not offer their customers a rewards program. At Bounce Energy, we reward our customers for paying their bill on time. Through our various rewards programs, customers can earn rewards like movie tickets, bill credits, gift cards, American Airlines Miles, 3% Cash Back, and more.

Bounce Energy Rewards Program

Customers who sign up with any Bounce Energy plan can choose to enroll in one of our great rewards program.

With the Bounce Energy Rewards Program, you will receive your choice of 2 movie tickets or a $50 gift card after you make 6 consecutive on-time bill payments. At the 12 month mark, you will receive you choice of $50 in bill credits or a $50 VISA gift card. And after your 24th month, you will receive a free month of electricity. And let's top that all off with our Platinum Customer Program, where you earn 3% off each bill when you have been a customer for 30 months and paid on-time. Our rewards program is valued at more than $200 and could be much more if you remain a platinum member.

American AAdvantage Rewards Program

Bounce Energy customers can earn American Airlines AAdvantage® miles in two different ways. Customers can opt-in to the AAdvantage Rewards Program with any plan, or they receive 1,000 bonus miles by signing up with either the Bounce Energy American AAdvantage 12 or American AAdvantage 24 plan.

With either option, customers can earn 1 AAdvantage® mile per $1 that's paid on-time towards their electricity bill. You can then redeem miles for packages, car rentals, hotel stays and other retail products. Learn more about Bounce Energy's American AAdvantage Rewards.

3% Cash Back Rewards Program

This rewards program is for those customers who aren't interested in perks like movie tickets and gift cards. In this program, you'll get back 3% of the money you spend on electricity when you make 12 consecutive on-time bill payments. Active customers will receive this reward in the form of a bill credit on your 13th bill. And for our long-term customers, you will receive this 3% cash back bill credit after every set of 12 consecutive on-time bill payments you make.

Mommy Merits Rewards Program

With this rewards program, Moms can be earn rewards that the whole family will love! At 6 months, you can choose between 2 tickets to the Children's Museum, a $15 Gift Card to Chick-Fil-A, or a 1-year magazine subscription. When you make 12 consecutive on-time bill payments, you have the choice of a $75 Gift Card to either Target or Spa Finder. And with 24 consecutive on-time bill payments, you earn your choice of a family zoo membership, 4-pack of tickets to a sporting event (will vary seasonally), or 4-pack of tickets to a theme park.

Learn more about Bounce Energy's Rewards Programs

Comparing Reliant Energy and Bounce Energy's Refer-a-Friend Programs

Reliant Energy currently does have a "Customer Referral Program” for its residential customers. For each person you refer to Reliant, they will mail you a $50 "Thank You” card to you. There also isn't a limit to how many people you can refer to Reliant.

We like that program, since it sounds very similar to our Refer-A-Friend program. However, we're concerned about the wait time for you receiving that "Thank You” card. We don't think you should have to worry about waiting 4-6 weeks (or more!) to get your reward, much less worry about whether or not the mail will mess up getting your reward to you. The $50 bill credit you earn from Bounce is automatically applied to your account, and we often raise our Refer-A-Friend amount to different levels throughout the year.

With our Refer-A-Friend program, we want all of our customers talking to all of their friends about Bounce. To refer your friends to Bounce so that you can each earn a $50 bill credit, you simply provide your unique Refer-A-Friend link to your friend, and that friend needs to start service with Bounce Energy.

There is no cap to the number of friends you can refer to Bounce. You will receive your bill credit within 1-2 billing cycles after your friend pays his or her first bill, regardless of whether or not the payment was made on-time. Your friend will earn the $50 bill credit on the 4th bill after paying his/her first 3 consecutive bills on-time.

Also, we make it easy for you to talk to your friends about us. Through your personalized MyAccount, you can post your unique Refer-A-Friend code to your Facebook wall, your Twitter following, and your Pinterest board, as well as providing your own Refer-a-Friend cards to hand out to your friends.

Referring your friends to Bounce should be simple and organic - you know why you like Bounce, and you shouldn't have to jump through any hoops to share with your friends.

Learn more about Bounce's Refer-a-Friend Program

If You're Locked In a Fixed Rate Contract with Reliant Energy, You Do Have Options!

If you're in a contract with Reliant, but you want to take advantage of our great low rates and superior rewards programs offered by Bounce Energy, try one of the 3 options below. All you'll need to know is the month in which your current contract ends, though it is also important to know the amount of your contract termination fee. Whether your contract ends in 30 days or 2 years from now, there's a way to switch.

Option 1: Your Contract Ends in Less Than 90 Days

You're able to switch to Bounce Energy once you're within 14 days of the end of your contract with Reliant Energy. You can schedule your electricity turn on with Bounce Energy 90 days in advance, so you can actually schedule your switch 104 days in advance of the end of your contract. Just make sure to select a date within the last 14 days of your contract.

For example, if your electricity contract ends on October 14th, on July 2nd, you can place your order with us and schedule it for anytime after October 1st. If you're ready, just pick your new plan and schedule your switch.

View our plans and rates

Option 2: Your Contract Doesn't End Anytime Soon

If you signed up for a long term contract and the only way to get out of the contract is by paying a termination fee, you can use our Savings Tools to calculate the "value of switching". This tool can help you determine whether you should pay that termination fee.

For example, if your current rate with your current provider is 12.3¢ per kWh and you use 1,000 kWh, you could use our tool to learn that switching to a Bounce plan would save you $306 per year. Even if you paid your current provider a termination fee of $150, you'd still be saving more than $150 during the course of the 1st year.*

Calculate Your Savings

Option 3: Get a Bounce Energy Rate Alert:

If you're not ready to pay Reliant Energy a termination fee to switch, we can send you information on our current rates when your Reliant contract ends. We'll be right here to assist you when you're ready to switch.

*This example is used to illustrate the potential savings and how to calculate potential savings. It is not intended to show what your actual current rate may be. Your actual rate may be found on your current electricity bill.

Industry Best Account Management Tools

When you sign up for Bounce Energy, you gain access to MyAccount, our one-of-a-kind, industry-best account management tool. Not only can you pay your bills online for free, track your usage, and set up auto pay (at no charge), you can also transfer your service to a new address, switch to paperless billing, track your rewards and promotions, switch your plan, and shop for great deals on high speed internet, digital television, energy audits, and more.

You can also download our Bounce Energy App for your smartphone and monitor your account anywhere. You can view and pay your electricity bill, manage your payment options, contact our customer support, and get energy savings tips.

Learn more about Bounce's MyAccount

Weekly Usage Emails

We send you a weekly usage email. These emails can help you determine when you're using the most electricity and can offer some insight on how you can become more energy efficient just by say making sure some things are turned off before you go to work, or by adjusting your thermostat when you're not home. Reliant also offers their customers the chance to get weekly usage emails, but Bounce Energy offers you the ability to compare your weekly and monthly electricity usage so you can track how much energy you use and save, plus offers weekly tips and special offers.

Bounce Ambassadors

Help spread the word about Bounce Energy by joining our Ambassador Program. By connecting your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or LinkedIn with Bounce Energy, you can become a Bounce Ambassador. Through this innovative program, you can easily publish Bounce Energy content to your social networks. When you become a Bounce Energy Ambassador you earn points every time you share official Bounce Energy content. We keep a monthly tally of these points and the Ambassador with the most points at the end of the month wins a $100 gift card.

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